Topping question

I got some free fem seeds from an order that I thought were autos but I’m thinking its actually a photo so I was he I was gonna top 3rd node down because there’s alot of branches that’ll be tops does it matter how far down you top?


Wow, that is a large plant in veg! Honestly, I’d take clones at this point.

How big is your grow space? You might want to take the branches off the lowest 2-4 nodes and then top down several nodes so that you’re only keeping 2-4 nodes off the base. Those long ones at the bottom are stretching hard to try to find light. I wouldn’t keep any of those branches, personally.


I’d clip the very bottom branches off and tie down the plant at the 3rd or 4th node there. :v:


If you wanted you could cut off all but the bottom set of nodes and it would be fine.

Personally I’d cut it after the 3rd node from the bottom and use the top to make several clones just in case you realize during flower it’s a special plant.


As long as you dont remove more than 1/3 of the plant at a time, you should be fine.

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I would do exactly what Mongo said if it were mine. Those very bottom branches don’t usually produce huge buds even if they are near the light