Training at Cannabis University?

Hi everyone. How are you all?

Would like your honest opinion about this I just came across.

Is this a scam or worth investing in?

All opinions, good and bad will be much appreciated.

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I think a trade school for electrical, plumbing and HVAC would be the most useful tools to have. At least for me looking at the skills a lot of bigger growers seem to have. That and maybe a bug identification course or something of that nature!


Thank you. Something like a crop management course and other skills right?


Well, unless it was a work requirement, my suggestion is save your money and hang out here. :sunglasses: :vulcan_salute:

You will learn more here than any on-line course will teach you.



Agree with @Gpaw completely!


Just going to throw this out there, but the real money is in supplies. IMO, open a hydro store if you want to capitalize on the “green rush”. During the gold rush, the ones that made the most money were the ones selling shovels and picks.


Yes I understand what you mean. It’s like providing workshops on how to make money :joy: you equip people the right tools, if they use them properly, well it’s up to them.

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Of course… just like any masters or PhD… Life teaches us way more than any of those courses.

But unfortunately we need, at times, a paper saying you did this or that…

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I went and had a look at what some of the provincial universities are offering. Looks reasonable now.
I first checked in 2019 and only one had slapped a course package together (it did look like it was slapped together… :laughing:)
If you are interested in courses, check what your local colleges and universities are offering, I’ll bet they are all on-line as well.



Unfortunately there is no such thing here… would have to online content… well I guess everything is online right now… Hah… oh well…

The right question is training to do what? Like find a job with it?

I would skip it. I doubt it’s worth the paper it’s printed on.


You’ll get more education and then some from ICMAG and/or Overgrow…no tuitions required.


If it produces those commercial dispensary growers id run away from it. Most top shelf bud comes from a closet or basement. Not those million dollar ops with lab coats n processing machines. Just my opinion. The people teaching probably never grown a cannabis plant. But got a phd in it. Youll get better training here learning from and with people that are doing it and going through all the hurdles. Whats more reliable. A book written by 1 or hands on experiences with 100+ people that are in the grow daily.


Love the suggestions above.
When I started growing, I was convinced that I couldn’t - I had a brown thumb.
Forums like this one - especially this one - have the environment & growing knowledge that you need — IMHO take a business course & learn how to get the license(s) that you will need.

That should give you plenty of time to go on and hone your growing skills! :grinning:


OP what was your goal here?

If you’re looking for a certificate it may be better to go an accredited institution and get a degree in something specific (like mentioned before, hvac, electrical, agriculture, tc…).

If you just want to grow better cannabis it could possibly be an option to look at.

Also what’s your skill level and how long have you been growing for? (I ask for a particular reason :wink: )


very true.
JM Studebaker sold wheelbarrows and he had the biggest mansion in all of San Francisco.


I asked because we all are in a gray area… it is a subject in which there still is much do be done. There is a lot of knowledge about the plant, it’s positive impact on our health… but not much scientific research done (I’m not even going the conspiracy theories way or anything).

I see lots of products boasting the benefits of cannabis that are just fluff… just trying to sell because it says “cannabis” on it.

I know the best way is to get your hands dirty… that is the only way to learn. But sometimes you need proof of knowledge… and sometimes you need to broaden your knowledge.

Sometimes you need a paper to prove you know (even though you might not know anything at all but you know how to play the rules :rofl:

So my question was: “is there anything out there, specially in the US or Canada education wise that is worth investing in since they are ahead of the rest of the world in terms of legally growing and working around cannabis”

In the end it boils down to:

  • economics :dollar:
  • chemistry :man_scientist::alembic:
  • biology :test_tube::microscope:
  • botany :seedling::man_scientist:

So a course in this area would be quite interesting :joy::smiley: a master’s in all areas hah

I probably could then go rogue and do a Breaking Bad stint on my spare time… anyone care to be my Pinkman? Application through DM

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University of Humboldt has an Agriculture program that’s not Cannabis specific…
University of Utah actually has permission to grow and study cannabis (hemp).

IMHO all of the educational components are already in place, they just are not cannabis specific:
Agriculture is agriculture - Cannabis is just the crop we focus on here.
An MBA for the business side
A lawyer to help wade through regulations.

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Oaksterdam U they have sample stuff online