Veg led diy 5500 lm/ 50w

this is the led setup I’m currently testing…
they are 1050lm/10w led strips coupled together. looks like this 5 strip setup is the better one as it covers a small clone tray perfectly.
currently tested one is all 6000K , last grow one was mixed 6000 and 4300



Take a pic so we can see it…

Browser didn’t upload the pic and( as I have a life ) I didn’t check immediately…

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May your life be blessed! Cheers!

EDIT: … and your plants too…



Very nice. Recently built a similar light. How does it spec out? What chips/strips are you using?


they are led lamps avalaible in both g27 / e24 connection, led panel is around 130*30 mm, 120° coverage , 1050lm, 11w (real w). 4300k or 6000k are available.the body is all full aluminium with fins.
in the pic they are 5 jointed lights, bodys have been tied together with ALU tape, to create a whole dissipating surface. it would obviously benefit from a pc cpu fan on it.
I prefer them much more over the cobs I tried for the superbly even light distribution.

PS this is the code from the catalog I found online… its the Spanish brand of some Chinese manufacturer…

NIce. LED panels and strips are the future of grow lighting, especially in smaller footprints.


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I just put this together for a clone shelf. Three 24 w SMD 5050 strips, switchable (two strips for veg, one for seedlings and rooting clones). 1 inch profile, passive heat dissipation (aluminum cookie sheet, ha!), 154 lm/w, 3540 lm/strip at 4000K/CRI 80. Love it.



Looking good Mr. Baudelaire!

The LED strips are from an Italian manufacturer, TCI. They are available through an Estonian supplier, with the drivers:



Hi @Baudelaire,

Ok at that price the igniton is ready to turn on the engine so to speak.

Do I understand this advert correctly please help me a little ?

If purchased you receive 5 of those strips each strip runs 23w drivers included.

I am willing to have a go with them if I understnad the advert correctly you get 5 strips for the price £39

I would replace my 110w twin flourescent lamps used over my clones 2 x 55w to see how they compare for that price.
For the same space I run 2 of the 110w flouros and could replace with the led strips in the advert reducing my electric and carbon footprint. 2 x 110w = 220w versus 5 x 23 = 115w

I use these currently;


I have ordered them :+1: I have to start somewhere with these to compare and at that price I am willing to give them a try.

yes you get the strips and drivers, one for each strip. I will put together my “cookie sheet” light thread over the weekend, it will build you a nice clone light for a 2x3 foot space using two or three of the strips.

If you are looking to cover a 2 x 4-6 foot space, you might ask them to send you 6 strips instead of 5 (3 each light). They will pro-rate, same shipping cost.



Might want to pick up a couple of small I-O-II DPDT toggle switches rated for 240v 2A, some double-sided thermal tape, and some 18 gauge wire and connectors (Wagos or crimp, I use both depending), and a power cord. Start sussing out a couple of cheap aluminum “half size” baking sheets (13 x 18 inches). All of this stuff can be found on Ebay, but you may have better local sources.



Hi @Baudelaire I will try to send them an email later it said they are away until the 9th July, but yes it is approx 2ft x 6ft the space.

I currently use 2 of the 2 x 55w starlights with the 2G11 style bulbs so they run 110w each unit. Thats 220w covering the 2’x6’ space for the clones. I use the 4 way starlights 4 x 55w (220w) to bring them on in veg a little more before transfering under Mh and HPs. They work well just had this batch root in through 1 inch rockwool cubes in 5 days a day earlier than expected, but that probably due to the new bulbs I just fitted.

I am looking forward to trying these LEDs out. Im not sure what to expect when I open the box but it will be fun setting it all up.

Thanks for the link.

Edit @MadScientist Oldtimers stuck in their ways lol, I’m trying some to see first before going the full monty and ditching my HPS and MH, but I run more than 2000w in the rooms :smiling_imp:


Thanks I will look into all that later on, If you have any links for ebay for these bits please feel free to pm them to me. The order says est delivery between July 13 and July 21 so I have time yet, very busy week for me next week :wink:

I’m no teenager bro… LOL


Hi Baudelaire,

The delivery came, I am going to get the other bits tomorrow. :wink:


I love it!! ghetto tech for the win!!!