Venting a 2 in 1 Tent using one exhaust fan?

For whatever reason I’ve just realized that the side section will need to be vented by an exhaust fan. I am already way over budget and do not have the money for another exhaust fan and carbon filter.

I am hoping that I can use a ducting junction like this

And here is the Tent which is 3x4x6.5 total size. Main area is 3x3’ and side section is 1x3’.

Just thinking off the top of my head I thought I could run ducting out the top of main area and over to top of side section. I’m hoping someone will have a better or differ ideas on how to do this. Tried searching but didn’t come up with much.

Besides low funds, I also wanted to avoid a 2nd fan due to noise, as this will be in a bedroom. I just can’t put all the pieces together in my head on how to do this…Also FYI the filter only has one open end as this may make a difference in design. I’ve got about a week and a half before I NEED to move plants into Tent, they are still in seedling/pre-Veg stage.
Thanks in advance! It seems I’ve come to my mechanical limits on this issue and any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


I dont see why that wont work. Just connect the fan to one leg of that Y and run one of the other legs to each section of the tent - where ever is easy.

You may find that one side or the other get more air flow. If that is an issue, you could partly cover the opening where it enters the tent to reduce the flow from that section.


I’m having trouble picturing where the filter will come in at…If it was 2 sided (opening on either end) then I can see how to do that. Just lost ATM with how to configure it with only one opening on the filter. Does that make any since, lol?


I also have a 2-1. Same size as yours. I don’t use a fan and filter in the veg side I just leave the vent hole open and the bottom intake open and it passively moves the air for me. Never goes above 82 in the summer or, below 63 in the winter. Humidity hovers around 50% unless I stick a humidifier in there. I’m on the east coast so the cooler temps here helps.


I need it for the filter mainly, it has to be kept discreet. That’s the main reason…And I may flower or keep one on that side.


With using that Y ducting junction the only way I can see it working is this. Attach fan to the single end of Y connector and run two sets of ducting. One ducting ran to the side section and the other to the main area.
Then hook ducting to exit of fan/Tent and run it to the filter which will have to be on the outside. And the filter will be blowing air out instead of sucking air into filter.

Not ideal having filter on the outside and blowing air through it. If it only it was open on both sides that would be easy. :pensive:


Yo. (It’s 4:30a wakey bakey here so forgive me)

I’m thinking of my own beginning indoor & am intrigued by passive cooling. (am in a legal state so odor is not an issue)

just trying to give you ideas :blush:

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My sey up is exactly like this. A 3×3 , and 2×2. 1 6 or 8 in fan/filter…filter Is outside on th end that blows out. Duct y…splits to both tent pulling air out…works pretty much the same way. I have no smell escaping.


Thx! That’s pretty cool! I was thinking of ways to kill the light coming out of ducting or whatever else since it is in a bedroom. The prices though, lol 12"x12" is $160! That can get $$$ fast.


I dont see why that wont work. You didnt link to your exact filter, but as far as I know, filters dont really care which way the air is moving as long as it is passing through the carbon.

IF it is a problem and the filter will only work properly with the air flow in one direction, then use the technique suggested by @SeymourGreen above. If you do that you wont need the Y.


Just make sure the length of ducting from the junction is the same and it should work without issues.


It should work, just rather not have filter outside due to space but it’s better than having to buy another fan and filter. The fan should be fine for that space, it’s a AC Infinity…Only 9 sq ft. Here is the filter

Why does the length of the ducting on each side need to be the same length? I assume it’s for air flow reasons.?. @ReikoX

I think I have 25’ but may only have 12’ of ducting. Is the sound proof ducting work alright? And what brand would you go with? There’s a few on Amazon but there a bit pricy.


Air like water will go the path of least resistance so if one side of the ducting is shorter, most all of your airflow will only be through that side

Another thought would be to have the intake come in the flower side. Connect the flower exhaust to the veg intake, and your fan and filter to the veg exhaust. This would guarantee even airflow, filtering, and keep the temps and humidity lower on the flower side. You could have lower co2 on the veg side but judging by the size of the veg size you won’t be pushing hard for growth over there. Just my 2 cents


I’m not using a intake fan except for a little 120 cc fan. Or yer post went ight over my head…A blonde moment I guess…
Makes since now about the length, with such short runs as long as it is close you should be fine. @Hashtree


Lol…no I’m saying mines work.


I wager it can be DIY’ed muuuuuuuuuch cheaper. I may build my whole enclosure that way & only use a circulation fan. But as noted, my house is legally permitted to smell like weed 24-7. :sunglasses:



Thanks, I was on a plane after my post, but you summed it up perfectly.

Probably, but my OCD wouldnt let me sleep if they weren’t exact. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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