West's adventures in growing

I used to grow until I got busted a few years back and I’m finally getting back into it and it feels great.

Thought it would be fun to start a thread documenting my grow since I learned most of what I know lurking on OG1.0. I never would have gotten as far as I did without reading threads just like this one when I was in high school trying to pop some bag seeds. It’s time to give back and share some of the stuff I’ve learned over the years.

I will slowly over time as funds permit be building dedicated perpetual climate controlled rooms using diy rdwc, DIY scrog nets and 1000 watt HIDs.


Picked up a couple of mint sun system Dominator xxxl a/c reflectors with two inline fans locally for a fair price and the dude I got it off of was cool enough to give me a bunch of ducting as well :+1:

The fans are 400+ cfm off brand units that run fairly quiet so I may keep them for a while until I can sell them and upgrade to max fans with the sound dampening.

Picking up some hortilux super hps and blue mh bulbs from the hydro store tomorrow.


Check out AC Infinity as well. They are also quiet DC fans with a controller. :+1::seedling:

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Those look cool. Might have to order one off amazon to check out.


Got one of the hoods and ducting set up in the basement out in the open. Did some lst to get ready for a scrog net I’ll be building this weekend.

Doing this cycle in sunshine mix #4. Still waiting for my hdx totes and uniseals for the rdwc setup I’m putting together.

Running 4 northern lights a cut of gorilla glue I’m testing and some black amnesia haze.

Threw 2 autos in there from a breeding experiment. Popped 50 seeds and only kept the 2 strongest. Might make S1s.



Ordered one of these vivosun 60x60x72 tents off amazon to try out. If it’s good I’ll order a few more to get me by until I can build actual rooms. Planning on using these for breeding projects and mother plants after rooms are built.

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Great choice of bulbs. Love my horts and have them in a variety of sizes up to 1000. The 940W conversion bulb is the most intense. Big as a football too.

Good luck on your setup!