New room, new space, new grow

Looking to do a 2in1 5x4x6.5 tent thinking mars hydro gear all around tent, light(fce6500/8000 not decided on which input is appreciated) 6in fan filter setup for the 4x4 flowering chamber also mars, 4 in fan for 1x4.

As for medium I’m thinking I’ll stick with hydro I need to give some thought to exactly what kind still. I can do anything from big dwc totes to a flood table(would be new to me, but I like the option to have multiple varieties not just one or two big totes with big plants.


how about trying the octo’s… really great system


Yeah, they just don’t really lend well to the sog kind of layout I’m going for. Eying the acitive aqua 12 plant ebb and grow setup too


Do these 80w veg lights 2x40w look like they’d be alright either individually or as a pair in the 1x4x3.25 veg/propagation chambers?

I’m gonna run the flower lights from 8-8 or 9-9 pm obviously, that way they can take advantage of my extra co2 output while I’m sleeping. Probably gonna need a space heater something in the 400-500w range should do.

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For clones, or seedlings, or keeping small moms alive, those lights look really good. But if you’re going to veg under them? I think your plants would not be getting nearly enough light…


Eugene check the NEWAIR 400w oil radiator. Perfect & slim for a tent. You can barely see it in the back left in pic… $60 on amazon or from the newair site. Way more energy efficient than a space heater.


That’s more what I meant. The extra chambers are only 1x4x3.25 so yeah not really veg but just for starts/moms really

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Might be going with a 600w hps/mh or 630 cmh to start. Just lower starting costs and the additional heat should be good for winter. Might Do a quick auto run just to get started back up too.

Ok, think I’m gonna scratch the 2in1 and just setup a 4x4 for now and a 2x2-2x4 veg tent next month. Meantime I’m probably going to order this all today and if anyone has some fem auto seeds they could throw my way I’d really appreciate it.

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After some thinking I’m probably just gonna do a peat/perlite/lime mix with salts for this run, keeping res temps in check under hid is something I’d rather not deal with rn. Get a few fem autos going like 4-6 in 3 gallon pots and I’ll be gucci

Pulled the trigger on the 4x4 setup with the 630de cmh And two fem 3 packs from humboldt seed co. Blueberry cupcake, and purple panty dropper jug


those CMh lights are the shiznit! just wish they weren’t so warm lol… but that’s why i love the hydro crunch 630w i got, came w 15’ of cord to place ballast outside growroom…