When to switch to bloom nutes

Okay as most of yall on here know I’m new to growing as far as doing my own thing so I have a question. Should you switch to bloom nutes when you first switch to 12/12 or should you run veg nutes until pistils show? My last grow I switched at 12/12 but am thinking I should wait. Also since we are on the subject am I correct in start my days counting at first signs of pistils or from 12/12? Id appreciate everyone’s input!!


Generally you should give them veg nutes for the 1st 2/3 weeks then onto bloom feeding, i hope this helps somewhat. !? Plus it depends on who you ask but for me i count from 1st pistils ( but i note :memo: when i stick it on 12/12 too.) - though it’s finished when it’s finished, eh… !
Count from both flip and 1st pistils and see what works best for you .?!
Happy growing mate…


I appreciate the input. Everything you said is the direction I was going so thanks for the clarification