Which male to breed with White Widow?


I have two white widow plants and am hoping to find a good variety male to cross these with. I’m VERY new to this, so I don’t know what qualities to look for in a male seed, and where to get them? Most of the seed sellers I’ve seen only have female or autoflowering…?

Thanks in advance

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But what yare looking with the cross? Isent the same thing a Germán S x Labrador or a GS x Rottweiler…n all of them can be excelente dogs n crosses…

You cant buy just male seed, You have to buy regular seeds and find the males in there.

You can intentionally make a hermaphrodite, from a female plant for pollen, all offspring from that will be female.

When I do a cross this is what I look for in a male.

-Height or structure
-Stem Rub or smell
-Speed of flower development
-Ammount of pollen sacs

If you do a cross, the female tends to be dominant in traits…

For example:

Fire OG (pollen) x White Widow (female)

The plant will look more like WW, than FOG. Usually…

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I made a White Widow x Thai cross that was off the hook. Sly (bros. grimm) sent me cuttings of the bros. White Widow mom. I got the dad from a pack of The Flying Dutchman’s pure Thai (no longer available).

If you can find some TFD pure Thai seeds I can’t recommend it enough. Do a search at cannabisworld for WW x Thai for more info.

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As others have said, what qualities are you looking for to cross the WW with? A sativa high or an indica stone? Tall, short, fat, or skinny plants? Early or late harvest? I like the idea of a Thai cross, but the seeds for those are hard to come by these days. Far easier would be to find Durban Poison land race seeds. Durban is quite popular and you can probably find regular seeds for them. It is a landrace from South Africa, but the strain originated from Thai genetics. It is a pure mental sativa high, without a body high or stoned couch lock of indica. No paranoia, no weirdness to the high, no rushes. But a good high that you will want more of.

Personally I find WW to be a great high as is, so I would not cross it with anything. It is very popular here and I have grown and sold many clones of that strain. As said above, you would have to find regular (unfeminized) seeds, germinate them and grow and select a male from among them, get it to flower and produce pollen, and then pollinate a WW female with it, and then let the female produce and ripen the seeds to harvest. I have grown many males, and they can be messy as they produce GOBS and GOBS of pollen. Us males are like that… horny as we are. :wink:

Then of course you have to grow the resulting seeds, usually a lot of them, as the results of these types of crosses (indicas and sativas) have a wide range of genetics and the results are likely to be highly variable. From those you would select the traits and high that you like, and try to stabilize the plant with those effects over the next several generations. Meaning that you have to grow seeds for a few years to get the desirable results in a stable plant that results in stable seeds. This will of course already have been done by many of the better seed crossers and producers out there. So why re-invent the wheel?

There are a lot of stabilized WW crosses out there already, in seed and clone form, as well as siblings of WW like Black Widow. Many variations to choose from, and you do not have to spend the time to grow males and generate crosses and re-crosses. Just my 2 cents worth… if you really want to cross strains to produce seeds, it is easy enough to do. But the results may or may not be what you want or expect. For these reasons I do not breed to cross widely variable genetics, I in-breed to preserve land race genetics.


Good to know about the female characteristics. How would one make a hermaphrodite - can I take a clone off the plant and then make a hermaphrodite from that after it’s grown?

Truthfully - it is more in the “can I do it”, than “do I need to” zone here. I’m just trying to learn how the crosses work and what the results are, so… Maybe a Durban would be a good start. Thank you for the advice. I’ll see if I can find those.

I agree and being a sativa lover I was not intending to cross the two when I started out. I had a room full of TFD’s Pure Thai and one lonely WW lady. I was looking to create a lot of Thai F-2’s and just to lazy to remove the WW during pollen chucking.

Totally awesome unintended cross.


Yes clone off of that one, and you can make a hermi from that clone.

There are several techniques on reversing, or herming a cannabis plant. CS, STS, or other chemical or light manipulation methods.

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I am also a sativa lover. I would like to cross and get the speedly effects of Durban Poison lower, and maybe get WW to be less of a ‘get nothing done after smoking it’ strain. Maybe the Durban Widow is the answer?

How is the WW x Thai high?


Durban Poison x White Widow = Power Plant DP.
Btw, @ray, I never have seen Pure Thais in TFD catalogue…Thaitanic is a cross…Maybe a lot of years ago?

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Are ya sure bout hemafrodited? Isent the same than reverting sex…

Thats OK! Ya was talkin bout reversin sex.

Very balanced with the best qualities from both strains with a great lemony smell/taste. That’s why everyone who grew it really loved it. Forgot to mention the WW brought down flowering times of the Thai.

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They offered a strain called Pure Thai around 1999 -2000.

You can read some old threads about it from their former help desk at CW.


you can’t cross any random male expecting a controlled result. when selecting a male, it is the same process as a female. you have to grow it out keeping track of everything. than compare the results against the other phenotypes of the group. something a lot of people don’t know is that males (good males) have tricomes. you also have to look for male hermaphrodites, instead of throwing out a banana, it will grow a stamin and pistols.


Thanks for your contribution.

We haven’t got process of selecting male covered much into detail. If anybody wanted to share breeding strategies for male selection, please contribute in growfaq topic: