Who likes History?

I am an avid follower of History
American Revolution
American Civil War
Are my favorites.

Dr Mark Felton is one of my favorite
Historians as well TiK on the tube.

Mark covers a ton of historical
Who do you follow?


I listen to Hardcore History w/ Dan Carlin and also History on Fire

History is alive and everywhere. For instance just a few months ago I saw a 3.4 million year old tree.


This guy likes history:

Peter Weller, who played Robocop, is a historian who specializes in the Italian Renaissance and is a professor at Syracuse. My partner is also a history professor and I tagged along to one of her conferences and we met him in passing at the hotel.

I don’t not enjoy history, but I don’t follow any podcasts. I do enjoy throwing on documentaries while I’m trimming!


I hate my ex. Does that count as a no?? :rofl:



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what are some of your favorite docu series? i am currently downloading the ken burns vietnam doc and the ww1 doc they shall not grow old


Dr Mark Felton is really good. I enjoyed his video about the “Voyage of the Dammed”.


I’m continually impressed by Alexander of Macedon. :nerd_face:




I stated young, The World at War
Narrated by Sir Lawrence Oliver
Cica 1972ish
Ken Burns Civil War is a classic .
My dad Got me every book in the time life series
The world at war.
See he and my uncles had to quit having a great life to get shot and killed to clean up YET another mess
In Europe.
They drilled things into our heads
Good things
Things unlike today…


I don’t know if it’s available online somewhere, but PBS used to run a series called “Battlefield” that I thought did a good job of covering WWI (I mostly saw the WWI ones, I believe they covered other wars but I may be misremembering that part).

I was a US history major and generally like history, though I feel like I’m not listening to too many history podcasts these days. I could maybe stand to brush up on US Civil War history… I was once fairly well-versed but I need a refresher.

I do listen to the BBC podcast “In Our Time” on occasion, which goes indepth on one topic per episode. Also… The History of English podcast…


The new Ken Burns doc on the American Buffalo is good.


Been in to history and documentaries since I was a wee lad. I remember reading D-Day by Stephen Ambrose when I was like 12 and getting hooked.

Earlier this year I was on a PBS Hawaii kick thanks to Youtube. Lots of good PBS shows on the tube. Support your local PBS station with a $5 donation and they give you access to their catalog if you can swing it.

Just recently been on a Napoleon kick.

On Youtube I watch (among others):
Timeline - World History Documentaries
Real History
Fall of Civilizations

Not quite hard history, but wanted to mention two other Youtube shows that are good:
Crime Pays but Botany Doesn’t
Peter Santenello


i was at one time also, then i realized that most of the things i “learned” were wrong anyway. most of our family vacations were spent touring battlefields in northern va. it has turned out to be a fortunate thing though. the wife and i went to gettysburg this year and when i tried to find the plaque for the high water mark the park guy told me it’s a statue and it has been there for almost 100 years or just over 100. i have a picture that my dad took of that plaque about 40 years ago. once i go through the several thousand pics at mom’s house and find it i’ll have proof of the mandela effect. either that or i will find out my memory isn’t as good as i think it is. either way i’ll relive the experiences.


Really good!

Also I like Hardcore history from Dan Carlin.
The Kings of Kings is an epic one, Also the Supernova in the East. Very long. Very interesting. Great for trimming background and or smoke and get emersed into the past.


I’m a big war history buff, from the civil war up until world war 2 , especially since my entire male lineage was involved in some way in every war but the civil as well, even as a kid I always did projects, science fairs on war stuff, mostly WW1/WW2 I even traced my great grandfather’s steps from leaving for war, being abandoned in Italy and then being a POW for over a year and presumed dead. Until almost 2 years to the day after getting the news he was missing and presumed dead, he came walking up the drive to my inconsolable nanny in awe.


Yes I remember that, it at the time had awesome grapics.
It covered WW2 to.
Yes excellent
We would watch that, or put in Patton or Cross of Iron
Get baked and play avalon hills
Squad leader all nite till sunrise
We had 3 4x8 sheets of plywood
A set up so epic it take months
To finish one game
Being a geek was cool


Looks like at least some episodes are available on YT


I think I have just about the entire series bookmarked on YT.


Forever known to history as Alexander the Pretty Good.


Anyone else watch any of “the fat electrician” videos on YouTube? He’s got some pretty interesting war history videos

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