Who's got Casey Jones and/or crosses?

Once upon a time, I had a Casey Jones cut whose terpenes shocked the senses. My (former) wife forbade me from growing it any more because of her allergic reaction to it. My trim associate started wearing gloves and full length shirts while processing.
While the chances of finding that cut again are slim, I would love to see if anyone has her or any particularly interesting crosses including Casey Jones in the mix.
Here’s to riding that train!


Check out Connoisseur Genetics. He has Casey jones crosses and S1’s.


Coming real soon! I gifted a potna some Casey jones beans to see if they were viable, they were old. Fortunately we came across three that sprouted, one male and two females.
Needless to say we had to cross the male to one of the females.
Right now we’re in flower and seeds are starting to show. I can let you know when I have them in my hands, and get you some. Maybe since these are ole school, you might get lucky.
*Damn I just checked the date on the op. Old thread :grimacing:

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