Win Feminized Swiss Skunk from Gorilla Seeds- 2 Prizes on this platform available

Copy of Copy of 5SwissKSunk (1577 × 826px) (Instagram Post)

The prize we are giving away is this :


1.Comment below - telling us why Super Cheese would be so good for your collection.

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Winners to be announced on June 2nd or thereabouts on this page - check back then!

Good luck everyone.




Disclaimer : Gorilla Seeds only sells or gives away collectible souvenirs and adult novelty items. It is illegal to germinate or cultivate seeds in the UK and most other countries. We do not encourage, condone or allow any illegal activities.


It would suit me nicely because cheese is already super so Super Cheese just sounds like Super Super.


Super Cheese would be good for me as it would be my first cheese strain and I’d really love to try some cheese!

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I would love to grow this strain as I am a big cheese fan. :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum: :yum:

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There’s always room for some funky cheese in my headstash, plus I really need to win one of those @GorillaSeeds tshirts!! :grinning:


Thanks for your chance to win some Super Cheese and it’s perfect for my collection for the love of cheese and it’s definitely a favorite of my Dad who I grow meds for his Alzheimer’s and chronic pain!!! Cheese me please…The Doc!

Thanks @GorillaSeeds , can always use some Super Cheese in my stash :slight_smile:

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Swiss Skunk is one of my favs would love to grow my own

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Have never cultivated a “cheese” strain in by 50 + years of cultivating – Have been wanting to run some cheese, lately and has sparked my interest – BUT want a quality cheese strain !! Hope this “Cuts the Cheese !”

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I am cheesin at the thought of winning some Swiss Skunk from Gorilla Seeds

Swiss skunk and super cheese, sounds like a nice skiing tour in the alps!

OK, I’ll get in line!!! ‘Preciate the opportunity, continued success, SS/BW…….mister :honeybee:


Well it would be great because I have zero and I mean“.zero” cheese strains in my collection :wink:

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Super cheese would be good for my little collection because it’s basically everything I need. High thc and high yield, sounds perfect for my pops

I’d love to get my hands on a Swiss Miss…Skunk.

Really I would!

Super Cheese though would make my collection cheesier and more super than the great folk here at OG have already made it!

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Who better to have this but me! Not even a question

I would really like to try your seeds this strain looks amazing. I’m always looking for a more dank sticky savagely strong Smoke and i think super cheese would be IT .

Would love to win these just adds another tool to the tool box for pain relief :+1:


Cheeeezzzzeeeeeee ppleeeaaaasseeeeee

Haven’t ever grown any cheese. I’d make hash out of it. Skunky swiss cheese hash sounds funky.