Win Sensi Seeds, Fast Buds, Barneys Farm & Green House Seeds at Gorilla Seeds

Awesome Promo Now Live GORILLA SEEDS featuring FREE CANNABIS SEEDS to be won from the following breeders:

Green House Seed Company
Barneys Farm
Sensi Seeds

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hey Thank you for this opportunity! My favourite seed I have grown has to be blue mystic, not sure where I even got it from maybe from you guys (gorilla seed bank) and it’s so hard to pick out a favourite breeder :sweat_smile: I’m gonna be cheesy and say my mrs (so far the only breeder I know personally haha)

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Thanks for the chance Big G ,Some of my favorite breeders are Fast Buds,Barney’s Farm Dinafem Seeds Grand Daddy Purp, and favorite strains OG Kush, Gods Gift, Zkittlez

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Thank you for the chance to get some good gems!!

Best on was . Superstrainz = Amnesia. Back in the 2000 when i got them for the first time… wish i kept a mom!!


FastBuds always delivers! Sensi is just legendary! Pineapple Express and Big Bud FTW!


Woo! I’m in! Thanks for the chance! Peyote critical? Don’t mind if I do! Woo!

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Have enjoyed Barney’s farm G13 haze and would love to win some peyote critical.


Yes pls thanks for the promo I’ve heard great things about all the seed banks listed I’m not familiar with them personally as I’m still new 2 growing would love a chance to win anything from Barneys seed. My favorite strain is green crack love how it wakes me up best of luck everyone n happy growing

Never tried sensi, but they have a good reputation. I’ve ran Barney’s and GHS gear before with mixed results. Throw me some beans and I’ll donate what I harvest to my new charity…“out of weed, hook me up”…I provide weed to broke, lazy people who have jobs…mostly my co-workers…lol

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Count me in. Love me some fastbuds GSC or Barney’s Farm LSD. Both strains have grown perfect for me in past grows :+1:

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Blueberry is the greatest strain. That being said i am still on the hunt for the greatest blueberry pf all time. Barneys is my fovorite breader and that peyote sounds deadly

hard to choose faavourites. but barney and sensi are right up there… dont even get me started on picking favourite strains… come on!!! well any bubba kush family is my favourite but im an indica guy myself. happy to try new things :slight_smile:

I’d love anything from all those breeders!

Peyote critical from Barney’s sounds great thanks again @GorillaSeedBank check out my grow log I’m growing one of the OG Kush I won from you

Im in. The fast buds zkittles I’ve got going is growing nicely!


Thanks for another giveaway Gorilla seeds, at the moment G99 is my favourite, Barneys farm are great as well as Sensi. Some peyote sounds interesting.

Being from the north east I’m always a fan of chemdog and the same mf chemdog himself (not Greg). Beyond that I’ve never gone big name stuck with local breeders. Got to know the source and who I’m dealing with.

I would so love to try my luck :grin: sounds amazing :black_heart: thank you for the chance​:fire::fire::fire:My fa,Northern Lights from seedsman

Awesome giveaway would love to win these thanks for the chance. Good luck to everyone…My favourite is Money Bush by Heavyweight Seeds.Thank you Gorilla Seeds.

All new to me… yes please :roll_eyes::hugs::grinning: