Win Terp Farmz Wagyu Donutz 3x Seeds, 2 Prizes on This Post


Howdy Gorilla Fans
Now we are officially back again on this forum , we are kicking off with a forum giveaway, this is the first of many. We have recently added this new breeder Terp Farmz and we are promoting their strains this month!

Win Wagyu Donutz - 2 Prizes available on this post!
Prize : Wagyu Donutz Terp Farmz Feminized Cannabis seeds
All the terms are on the blog however to enter here simply let us know 'Why you would like to win these seed’
All terms including closing date can be found on this post: Terp Farmz Seeds available from Gorilla Seed Bank - Gorilla Seeds News
Good luck Troopers!
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Good Luck



Amazing pics, fem seeds, tasty sounding breeds.
Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:


Who doesn’t love gorilla strains! Welcome back and thanks for the chance! @emeraldgreen @bobgrows @carty @Til_Valhalla @FirstCavApache64 @bert @gato @thceed @ohno555


why do I want to win hmmm

nah jk I like collecting things so I can have that decision paralysis when I go to start my next grow


Those pics look tasty, that’s why!


PS don’t forget to comment on this blog post HERE to increase your chances of winning!


Ha ha nice response bro!


Love to win these!! Cuz they look super duper dank, and I have no gorilla strains.


Well - why I think I would like these seeds: It’s great to run new genetics and watch how the plant changes to flower a see the beautiful work of Temp FarmZ - as for taste - the genetics sound interesting Wagyu Donutz would try first

I like the way they look :eyes: and the description is good, that’s why I want to win :trophy: them beans 🫘! :ok_hand::+1::facepunch::wink::sunglasses::partying_face::peace_symbol:

IMG_4678 IMG_4222

Id like to win them because they look really nice.

I’d like to win them because those buds look amazing. Thanks for the chance.


I grew some GorillaSeeds “Pineapple Chunk” which really did taste like pineapple, so true to form this strain must have an interesting flavor profile, thank you GorrilaSeeds for the oportunity💚


After smoking, I would like to eat Japanese meat with donuts!
Thank you :doughnut: :meat_on_bone: :herb: :partying_face:

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Thank you for the tag @420noob!

These are the perfect gorilla seeds for today’s urban guerrilla grower.


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Never tried any Guerilla seeds but I would like to check it out.


Would love to try Gorilla seeds, and I especially have liking perfect 50/50 hybrids lately :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to win these to be able to play the band amyl and the sniffers song “I’m not a loser” and not feel so self conscious as a loser

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Well…I was lucky enough to win the FIRST time you were here, I’m throwing my Hat/Name in the Mix again. CONGRATS on your Grand RE-entrance, continued success in all your efforts. You produce exciting products, any member would be proud to grow them. :fireworks: :fireworks: WELCOME BACK :fireworks: :fireworks: SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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terpz sound amazing

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