2 Tents 3 Lights ! room

largest is 4x8 and smaller is 2x2 FT
Fixing to set up watering trays to make things a little bit easier, and I intend to scrog somewhere along the way. Some of the strains that I’ll be working (germinating soon) are grape Stomper S1 and Fruit bowl. Strains I have in flower is blonde alien og (bagseed keeper as she’s ready at 8 weeks, with nice resin production imo) and other various bag seeds that are flowering. Strains in veg. come from local bagseed but the males have been culled for the most part.
Lighting is inexpensive Chinese L.E.D.s
I’ll be using Alaskan fertilizer brand(micro nutrients and fish emulsion) until flower and from that point I will let them fade out (theoretically speaking).
Will update with pictures soon. :slight_smile:


sorry no pictures of the room, it was more or less a waste of time space and lights, I guess you can call it a learning experience. I am now more or less a breeder with great ambitions of what is to come in the future.