2020 Deep Ellum FREE Seed Giveaway - Closed

2020 FREE Spring Seed Giveaway

It’s a new year and about time for us at the Deep Ellum Seed Company to do another Free souvenir Seed Drop.

On behalf of my partner, Dr. Dank, and myself we thank you all for the support we’ve gotten since we came out of the underground last year. I apologize for not keeping up with the boards; I will try to get to every tag and notification today.

*Dr. Dank will be at the 2020 Indo Expo in Denver on Sunday the 26th and will be handing out FREE souvenir seed packs. So go track him down and get your free pack! You can contact him through his instagram.

We’re also going to give away FREE SEEDS here on Overgrow as well.

The giveaway is the same as the previous Deep Ellum Seed Company giveaways.
How to Enter Here:
* Simply comment below that you want free souvenir seeds.
* We’re leave this open for 1 week, until February 2nd at noon Mountain Time, which is 1900 GMT.

After that, we’ll close the thread and someone will randomly choose winners and we’ll contact the winners for shipping info and such…

Like always, we cover all packing, shipping and handling costs ourselves.

This is open to all Overgrow members.

We have three strains that we’re giving away on OverGrow… all are Regular seeds.

  1. (OG/GSC x (L.A. Affie BX2 x Sk#18))
  2. (PacNW NL#5 x Seed Bank NL#5)
  3. (Blue Oaxaca Mexican x Blueberry)

  1. About the (OG/GSC/LA Affie/Sk18):
    Last year I got some Comacus L.A.Affie/Sk18 from Overgrow. I got them as a way to donate to this site, and also to get seeds for a present to another grower. The person I gave the seeds to is a hobby grower and don’t want males, so they were kind enough to allow me to visit their garden and pick a male before the boys were discarded…

I didn’t want to let a good male (or at least a male with an interesting heritage such as this) go to waste so tried the LA/Sk18 male a few ways, with a few things… the one that was most promising was the F1 cross with the HSO Sapphire Scout female from Dr. Dank, which is an og x gsc.

I picked up the LA/sk18 from here, it seems only fitting to bring any cross I do back here to OverGrow first, before I do anything else with it. Be aware that the (og/gsc/la/18) is an unstable poly f1; expect the stereotypically elevated level of variation that’s indicative of nearly all 21st century American gear. You know the parents; you know what to expect. Look for petrol, pine-sol, lemon, dirt and skunk flavours. Expect flower times to be 9-10 weeks.

2… About the NL#5:

I had searched years, for internal breeding purposes, for another legit #5 to cross into my nl5 to reinvigourate our line and last year I finally found a legit male thanks to Sinister.
I took the PacNw male that I got from Sinister, and hit my female seedbank 5, making 5x5 f1’s.
I grew out the resulting 5x5 f1 seeds I made, chose a male to replace my current male and we’re good to go; mission accomplished.

I happened to make a few more 5x5 f1’s than I ended up planting, so I figured why not share them with the community, because who doesn’t love northern lights, you know what I mean?

This is an Overgrow exclusive; we’re not going to sell this one or add it to our catalogue. These are extra beans I had leftover from hunting for a boy. They cannot be remade because I discarded the male parent that I got from Sinister after I used him. We are, however, going to stock the other NLs in our 2020 catalogue… just not the #5. If you want the #5, then you can try to win the last of the 5x5 here, or you can get a perfectly good #5 from Sinister. He’s a great guy and would appreciate the patronage.

The NL#5 that we’re offering here are Regular beans. By 1990’s standards we’d say they would flower in 45-55 days, but it’s 2020 and we all define “ripe” much differently than we used to do… so, I say now they will be ripe in 9 weeks. Expect 2 phenos; columnar and a x-mas tree. Northern Lights#5 has a fresh sweet green flavour that is very distinctive…

3 …About the Blue Oaxaca x Blueberry:
In keeping with the Legacy theme, we chose the Blueberry Mexican that we call Bluebonnet. This comes of old stock we made at the turn of the century and consists of our heirloom silver blue Mexican and the original blueberry from Sagarmatha. The female selection of this cross is some of my favourite smoke. For these seeds, I crossed the female back to Mexican and then back to the female.

These plants can get big like a Mexican, but will flower in a shorter time and have chunkier buds than your standard Mexican does. Most will ripen in 10-11 weeks. Uplifting yet stony smoke. Expect an earthy-berry flavour with spicy Mexican undertones…

So that’s what we have to offer.

If any of these hybrids sound like something that you will grow in the near future, then please submit your name entry in the comments below, and in a week we will randomly choose winners.



I would love to run some of your genetics!


It can’t hurt to try!

I want free souvenir seeds


Yes I’m game to try some the blue bonnet looks tasty!


I’m in those look tasty


I would love to win some souvenir seeds :blush::blush::blush:


I would like some free souvenir seeds.


NL5 has my interest for sure. Thanks for doing this.



I do want some free souvenir seeds thank you

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Count me in. Anything with GSC in its heritage is a winner :+1:

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Is the skunk18 in your cross the uncle fester from TNF??

“I want free souvenir seeds.”

I have never heard of Deep Ellum Seed Company or Dr. Dank. Thank you Robert, for the offer. They all sound lovely.

The “clown” has the goods huh!!! Speaking of indy, please do not take this one wrong .


Awesome , extremely nice of you folks
Blueberry you say …


Man thank you ! And your crew ! I would love any one of those three ,they all sound amazing ! But the 5 x 5 please ! Haha good luck to all ! I’m sure they will be appreciated !
Great work !
Peace and love !
Overgrow !


I’ll belly up for the Nl5 giveaway always looking for a good NL, hard to find.
You betcha, I’d like some free souvenir seeds

Your Blueberry sounds as if it’s got possibilities also.

I would like some free souvenir seeds.

I totally want free souvenir seeds

Sweet deal thanks for the opportunity :+1: I would love to win some free souvenir NL seeds :+1::fire:

Thanks for running another great promo! I’d love to grow any of them but the NL5 has my interest piqued.

Looks good to me, I wouldnt mind trying out one of your guys freebies this upcoming cycle! The NL5 peaks my interest for sure.