2021 Fall Seed Run Co-op Boxes

It’s that time again, folks. Let’s do this @Sebring


If you’ve completed a seed run and are ready to share them, add your name here and be counted.

Who’s with me?!?


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The seeds I’ve received so far that are ready to ship in the Fall (Winter 2021) Box are:

  • Paonia Purple Paralyzer - 233 packs [signup required]
  • Blockhead BX - 278 packs [signup required]
  • Night Terror OG - 106 packs
  • Durban Poison (Dutch Passion) - 181 packs**[signup required]**
  • Cherry Cobbler - 100 packs
  • Dalat - 80 packs
  • Double Panama - 100 packs
  • Dragons Blood Hashplant - 280 packs & more to come
    (waiting on a seed container shipment that arrives shortly)
  • Cheech Wizard F2 - 150 packs (signups required and closed)

–I’ve been slow on answering messages, but fast on the prep work to get them shipped to distributors.–
-Sebring :pray: :heart: :earth_asia:



I have nothing more to add at this time. As you were.


Not sure what this is for bud? What is the goal here? I know the fall box is happening soon, I don’t know who has sent what to Sebring at this point but I am sure he will let us know when the time comes. What are you trying to get here, a list of people who sent him seeds? Just curious.


@DougDawson - He’s saying if folks have any seeds to donate, please speak up.



Ah, I see, that makes sense. I had assumed most of these would have been in by now and contact would have been made through Sebring but I guess that may not be common knowledge. Thanks.


if i have seeds that i made but don’t have any log anywhere of them, can i start a wiki or can i donate them for the fall box?


And how many would you need to have? Maybe not for this run but the next one. I would like to see what this cross ended up being, I just harvested the seeds day before yesterday. Oh, I see, I just say what the co-op is about, never mind.


Just depends on what you want to do with them. Canadians can send to me to either include in fall box or for giveaways. Americans or Canadians can send to Sebring for inclusion in box or to put on his site.


If they’re labelled, and you want to donate, I’ll accept them to incorporate in the NEXT SCHEDULED GIVEAWAY!! I’ll cover the individual postage as always, saving YOU $'s. I try and do QUARTERLY EVENTS. Just putting it out there, OG’ers participate, get new genetics BELOW market price-points, OG makes a few $'s via Donations, WIN-WIN!! SS/BW…mister :honeybee: :100: :pray: :heart_eyes: NOTE: I don’t do “dry begging”, I come right atcha…NO SHAME IN MY GAME!!!


As @cannabissequoia mentioned, I’m trying to do a little coordination before the boxes go out. Typically, twice a year we have a thread deadicated to the Co-op seed run boxes that go out all together.

Thanks to others who have volunteered to help, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. I believe Sebring wants to continue to be the primary hub for these Co-op Seed Runs. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So far so good! Just need to hear from the seedmakers and @Sebring


Crosses by OG members don’t qualify for the Co-Ops, only rare, or discontinued breeder strains. The Free Seeds and Clones thread is where you share your personal work. :slight_smile:

On another note, could someone PM m a current Seed Run template? I have seeds that I sent to Sebring, but I don’t have the signups ready. I know, I know, but I wanted to make sure the seeds got there OK.


Thanks @nube , makes perfect sense, much appreciated. That information would be quite helpful to many including myself. I know my PPP seeds made it to Sebring but other than that am not sure of any other co-op runs.


Correct yes? Canadains send seeds to @DougDawson for Fall box :package: :upside_down_face: just making sure is all…


Yes, seeds you just want distributed with the fall box can come to me. As for CO-OP seeds, if you are in Canada I would suggest sending me the Canadian portion but the rest go to Sebring. That way you are not shipping the Canadian portion across the border only to have it shipped back to me.


@DougDawson Would it be better to send all coop seeds to you or only Canadian signups?

I’m not sure how to send bulk seeds across the border. I doubt my coop will be ready for the fall box, I’m just curious about future shipments.

I sent seeds here now a bunch of testers that they were interested in but mysteriously disappeared… don’t want that to happen again


In the end all I wanna see Is where/how exactly I can sign up for the fallbox and make the payment dang it… incl all the co-ops that are being included.


What’s the dead line to get em to Sebring for fall box? Is there a minimum seed / wiki number?


Hey man, I would only want the ones for Canadian signups. All others go to Sebring. That way the stuff for Canadians created in Canada dont cross the border. It is a risk sending seeds from Canada to USA just to have them shipped back to Canada. Those outside of Canada will send straight to Sebring and he will ship to distributors in all countries.

Hey man,

There is no spring and fall box to sign up for but rather just individual CO-OP runs. The following is how this works.
Someone does a CO-OP seed run.
They create a sign up list and users sign up. This is for TL2 and TL3 users.
When seeds are done they are shipped to Sebring for distribution. There is a distributor for each country. Sebring distributes to the USA and also to the distributors in each country.
Twice a year around spring and fall a box is put together with seeds from each CO-OP run that was sent in.
Those who signed up provide addresses and pay a $2 to $2.50 per strain donation (this amount is due for each individual sign up), depending on location, as well as pay for the shipping cost to have items shipped to them.
Once paid the distributor packages all strains you have signed up for and ships them to you.

Hope this makes sense.

Hey bud, I am afraid that one I can’t answer. @sebring will have to respond to that.


I have gotten exactly zero pms from the pinkleberry thread (from people on the list :rofl:) about the Subcool f2s I made.

So I was thinking if I still have time I could make a wiki, ship em out, and get em out that way. I will be shucking today or tomorrow. Then I’ll have a number. I figure at least 500.


I must have missed your run/thread/wiki, but if you got the seeds to spare I would love to get in on the pinkleberry!