Pass-It-Along Program: Unchecked Community Spread!

Everybody loves seed runs – but what about those cases where you make a few hundred seeds, or just have some extras of something you want to share. This is the place for you!

The pass-it-along program is intended to facilitate sharing, and distribute the burden across a peer-to-peer network.


  • You inform the thread that you have something to offer as a provider
  • Any member Trust Level 2 or higher can request your offer
  • As a provider you work out the details between you and interested parties, sending extras to each recipient
  • In participating as a recipient, you are also agreeing to spread the extras that you have negotiated with the provider
  • Expect that future requests may be referred to you for that item
  • Recipients may “pass along” extra packs to their recipients


  • When possible, use packing that can be sent with a stamped envelope. Tell your recipients if this is not possible!
  • If you have received extras, do not ask someone to trade you for them. The implicit rule is to “freely give as you have freely received”.
  • Quantities should be negotiated ahead of time. As a rule of thumb, people receiving should not feel obligated to accept more than about 4, but terms are decided between participants
  • If you build a poor reputation as a 1-way street, you could face public shaming and rejection by members on the platform
  • Publicly thank folks who pass-it-along, so we can stay apprised of who is a trusted participant
  • We will be self-governing here, and if you are providing – it is voluntary and done at your own risk (I’m sure there will be takers from time to time, don’t put all your eggs in one basket)


I make some seeds of a strain called “Lefty’s Dank Ass Nugget”. I post here to let everyone know I am willing to send some to one or more people. Fred is interested. Fred posts that he is interested in Lefty’s Dank Ass Nugget. Lefty likes Fred’s post and proceeds to message him directly to work out the details, and Lefty sends 4 packs.

A month passes…

Jane has entered the chat. Jane says hey Lefty Those Dank Ass Nuggets look… dank! Lefty replies, “you should ask Fred, I think he might know something about that.” Jane sends a direct message to Fred, and they agree that he will pass-along 2 to her. Later, Jane publicly thanks Fred: “Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know, Fred is a great pal!”.

And that’s pretty much it. This is a rudimentary platform for sharing.


I will kick it off by offering:

LowDak (Feminized) - Lowland Afghan x Dakini Kush


Ill chime in after i do a cherry pie x major indica this summer… I love the idea of this, there’s alotta love here in OG


Damn, setting the bar high there lefty, I hear those are some dank nugs!

Cool idea man. Sounds like a great new way to share the love, and pass some responsibility around. Cool deal.


I just get the sense that there’s a lot of people with seeds they would share, but the effort is too high. Hopefully this is an option that cuts down that barrier and we can help with distribution in exchange for getting seeds.


Is it bad form to take F1 packs, use CS to generate seeds, then offer them on this thread? I know they wont be exactly the same as what I bought, but I cant image the breeder would be thrilled. What do you think?

edit: if i am overthinking it, and that’s cool, I should have a contribution in however many weeks my flower lasts :smiley:


Great line of thinking. I like you more and more buddy.

I know if someone needs somebody to pass out a few seeds, hit me up. I don’t mind giving a hand.


Very cool idea! Got a couple things in the works I’d be happy to share. For now, anyone want any Saucyballs Fem F2s?

Also, I’ll jump on that Lowdak train, Lefty! Sounds awesome!


I’m not going to make any assessments about ethics. You do what you think is right, and if someone doesn’t agree, they can find other seeds.


That works. Just want to make sure I stay in the sites rules.


The timing of this is about perfect hehe. When I’m done with my first round of chucking, what doesn’t go to those who contributed to my project, and the master bean spreaders misterbee and Corey, will be put on here.


Well said @lefthandseeds did the breeder contact and get permission from the ones that breed their stock :thinking: idk i think just acknowledge the work done before you and create


I really like this! Thanks!


Should become a very busy topic might need a sticky .


No Money = no harm no foul

@lefthandseeds a great idea and I need to be down with it

sadly I have no beans now but I will soon and since I want to help Over Grow the World

this thread is for me :slight_smile:

Thank you for putting this up

make seeds and share them



I think there should be an inventory of who has crosses and where they came from added. So people know where the crosses go, and the strains can be easily kept track of. Similar to what seed finder has for strains but for the growers.


You got no seeds? Shoot me a pm bro I’ll get you something!


Thank You My Friend I have bought many seeds this fall to make beans to work with to share

so I am more than good for this year and more than likely next :slight_smile:

I would never want to take beans out of the hands of a new grower that really could use them

so I will pass but thank so much

you and folks like you will help to keep the weed stay free, I hope in some small way I can do my

part to give back all that was freely given to me over the last 20 years of inside growing

Now with all that being said if you have something that would help to make what I want to try

to develop

I am in the Northeast of the US in upstate New York and my fall is like BC wet and cool/cold

so hard buded Indicas do not fair well outside

bud rot and gray mold will destroy your corps here, but you need to have something that finishes at the

first week of September a short window

I would love to try your work, I have a super hard bud Landrace Hash Plant that could use a

good male Sativa to loosen the bud up a bit and give some mold resistance

Again a very nice offer and please if I can ever can do or share anything I have with you ask

it is yours

make beans and share them



Happy to offer my friend, and you echo my sentiments! OG for life! Also, I have an idea… PM inbound!


Another great idea @lefthandseeds. This is a great way to help spread the work of smaller seed runs and works by others that are not enough for the big runs.