'21 Chocolates Crowdsourced (Taste)Testing Sign-up

Welcome, welcome, one and all, to the '21 Chocolates Taste-Testers Sign-up thread.

If you’re familiar with the Kashmir Crowdsource Testing thread, this is an adjacent project, with the goal of documenting your favorite plants to use as a blueprint for picking future parents. This year there will be two iterations from two different farms, The Summer Sun harvested in July 2021, and The Hunters Moon, to be harvested in October 2021, each containing the same four lines.

  • Apple Fritter S1 x Kashmir P4
  • Chocolate Rain F2 x Kashmir P4
  • MAC v2 x Kashmir P4
  • Pure Kashmir P4 Bx’d to the P3 Mom.

Some background on things I’ve learned thus far: First, that Wiki-threads are hard. :joy:
I’m going to try using a Poll for the sign-up this time. Vote in the poll and drop a quick reply in this thread, and you’re done! I’ll shoot you a PM

The Kashmir Crowdsource seeds were offered for free, and shipping for 50 packs was somewhere between $300 and $500, so in order to prevent dine-n-dashing I required that the seeds be started within 100 days of receipt, and documented. There were about a dozen people who stood by their word, and thanks to them I’ve learned exponentially more about the father that I chose, than I could have ever deciphered alone. But that means dozens of packs failed to arrive? Surely a couple people genuinely didn’t receive their pack, but dozens?

So I’ve decided I’m not going to put any stipulations on this Crowdsource Testing thread. If you get a pack and want to put it away in your vault, more power to you. If you want to wait till my stock runs dry and sell it for $420 a pack, I’ll let you know when I run out so you can really hype up the exclusivity. This time around I’m going to take some inspiration from my older brother.

You see my brother had this cat Misty, and she couldn’t get fixed because she was in heat – so she quickly became 6 cats. He reduced that number to 2, Misty and her daughter Cali, and the next year it was back up to ~15.
So I asked him, “How the hell do you find suitable homes for 13+ cats,” and his response was bizarre to me…
“By charging $20 per kitten.”
I said “How in the world does that help? Won’t that make it harder to find homes?” And his answer was genius.
He said “Someone who pays for their kitten, even an insignificant amount of money like $20, will appreciate it more than someone who gets the cat for free. Because the person who got the cat for free has no sunk costs. Whether they don’t want to spend the twenty dollars, or whether they can’t afford to spend the twenty dollars, they aren’t the right individual.”

Because not only do people subconsciously believe “something that cost money is worth more than something that’s free”, they actually appreciate it more, too. And as a result of that simple distinction, the cats live longer, happier lives.

And that’s exactly what I’ve seen happen with seeds, so I’m not going to put any stipulations on this Crowdsource Testing thread. If you want to put a pack in your vault forever, feel free. If you want to wait till my stock runs dry and sell it for a profit, more power to you. I’ll gladly let you know when I run out, so you can really hype up the exclusivity.

But: If you want to help steer the future of this breeding project, by documenting your grow – and not just showing us your favorite plants, but being honest about the bad parts – I would love to have you aboard.

$50usd gets you;
(1) Pack of 13 seeds; The Summer Sun or The Harvest Moon Box of Chocolates, in one-of-a-kind, individually numbered, and tamper-proof packaging.
(1) Pack of 13 Pure Kashmir seeds, in case you want to take part in that Crowdsource project, too.
(1) Pack of 13 seeds, of the 2020 Boxes of Chocolates.
Plus a strain guide and description of the seeds, in case you want to cheat, and get hints to what you’re growing in advance.
Every pack will also come with a tracking number, and a bad movie.

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Spoiler Alert; The easiest to pick out of the group are seeds from the Kashmir and the Chocolate Rain moms. The kashmir is a deerskin sort of tan, with deep distinct striping.
The chocolate rain is like a milk-chocolate colored robins egg, as speckled as I’ve ever seen a seed.
The MAC v2 are gigantic, which is nice because very few hairs are viable at any one given time, so she’s difficult to pollinate. They’re otherwise relatively nondescript. The striping she does have is pretty vague.
Last the Apple Fritter, has a nice sort of blue-hue and it makes her stripes look gold. More or less the same size as the MACs.

P3 Kashmir x P4 Kashmir Bx
Chocolate Rain f2 flower

Chocolate Rain f2 x Kashmir p4 seeds,
MAC v2

MAC v2 x Kashmir p4 seeds,
Apple Fritter s1 flower


I have too many personal grow plans for the future but I sincerely enjoyed that write up and wish the best of luck with your breading project.


I am definetly interested my friend. Please let me know when I can grab some.
:v: :blush: :latin_cross: :heart:


still waiting on the first box of chocolates


I would be all over this if my next 3 grows weren’t already preplanned. I’ll be following along though, as I’m excited to see Regular updates and results! Good luck to all!


Lol. Everyone, always make sure you double-check your address. If there is a typo, I would never know. Best case scenario, the address doesn’t exist and the post kicks it back to me.

I hope you don’t mind me using you as a learning opportunity, brother. You’re far from the only person who’s done it.


Lol. Birds of a feather…

Do I start White Truffle, and Bx it to the Beleaf White Truffle cut? or start more MAC v2 looking for a better sister? or god, maybe should I start those Sour Diesels from Santero that have been burning a hole in my pocket? But then again, I’ve still an obligation to a goroka highland reproduction…

I’m so disgusted by legalization. Plant limits need to go.


This is true as people equate free to no value. I find they do the same if they perceive you don’t value you’re own work enough (it’s a fine line). One of the hardest part of a new product ime.

From my perspective it is there already. You’re iterating, you’re testing. You’re experimenting. I’m happy to pay to try your work and hopefully give back some reports.


I’d be happy to participate. Surely some tasty stuff in that mix.




Yessss!! Currently doing a kush run with some autoflower feminizing. Then I’m doing a Romulan and dj short Blueberry x mai tai seed and bud run next, then Sour diesel and (either super lemon haze or SSSDH)… CHOICES ARRRRGGGHHH bahaha :star_struck::thinking::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • Apple Fritter S1 x Kashmir P4
  • Chocolate Rain F2 x Kashmir P4

Gonna be :fire:

@Worcestershire_Farms haha I love how you roll man.


Yeah yo, this dude on strainly won. Someone bought the pack for $420. Lol

As long as people are making their money legitimately, I’ll never knock anyone’s hustle.

Except them people who buy website addresses. Specifically, the dude who owns Cannabisworld dot com. That whole career is pretty shitty. I think businesses should provide a service


Holy domain squatting, Batman!
Right up there with patent trolls for a concrete shoe fitting.


Great offer but sadly I’ll have to pass , id be sleeping in the tin box ( no dog house) for who knows how long if the boss caught wind I’d spent cash in her words for more f’ing seeds went you got a pail full already. Lol
Good luck to everyone there’s bound to be keepers to be found in that line up


Yeah, it was being kept up as strictly read-only — but there were some good threads on there. Vic High talking about the Romulan is the first to come to mind, that I wish I could read again.

He’s been sitting on it for a couple years, now. It was clearly still pulling high-traffic when that dude swept it up, or he wouldn’t fathom pulling 80 grand.



Like our man Flint, I’m in.


Still waiting on the holy surfer :crazy_face: