2x2 growers club

So this is gonna be my thread feel free to post, love banter and I’ve called it the 2x2 growers club just to see if we can get one going GIVE ME A BIG SHOUT IF YOU GROW IN A 2X2 AND LOVE IT!(or hate it or just wanna say G’day :grinning:)

I did the 2x2 tent on its side grow a while back, unfortunately the 2nd half of that thread has vanished and haven’t done a run since. Obviously I’m frothing for harvest already.
I’m in the same tent but this time just upright so it’s 2x2x5 (60x60x150cm)

The set up:

Using blumat and %100 coco in fabric pots
I build my lights so will run around 40w per sq ft at QBish efficiency (convince me to run more please)
Got the ac infinity t6 cloudline and can’t remember what carbon filter
Inkbird is on the way so should be fun

Not sure about nutrients yet as they stopped making the maxibloom series so looking to switch but I’m in Australia so limited options, for now I’m using manutec hydroponic nutrients which is cheap powder you get at the local hardware store while I figure out what I’ll be running for nutrients.

Pics coming soon, and mostly pics from now on.

Welcome one and all!
Love peace happiness family and health to you all!

So melonsicle by THseeds on the left and blueberry auto or something on the right
Started mainlining that melonsicle as was gonna do 1 plant scrog…I guess she will be a mother

Yeah I’m in the laundry, any questions just ask


nice i gave my daughter my old 2x2 so it will be interesting to see what she does with it…she is only 14 and the next generation of growers :yum:


@Myusernamewastaken I’ll follow along n will be rooting for ya! :slight_smile: I love seeing small grows just as much as the big ones.

@olschool Gotta start them growing young, even if it’s just food, can never go wrong learning how to grow. Especially if the world turns upside down, you know at least she can sustain herself. My fiancee’s youngest daughter is autistic and rarely sits still to focus on one specific thing but it seems like that all turns off when she’s outside helping me take care of our vegetable garden.


right on i have brought her to realize that cannabis is mediucine for a variety of ailments


Prepping the coco

Can’t find my ac infinity thermal probe, hopefully shows up

I’m thinking if I’ll run 5, 8 or 9 in 1 gallon fabrics

Guess the ganja gods will decide how many beans pop :joy:


I went ahead and overpaid for a kg of maxigrow and maxibloom…I’m just too busy to tune a new space with extra variables right now and really have enjoyed not having to even check pH, I guess we go where we know


Love this thread so much! I don’t know how many will remember but back in the day there used to be something called the c13 club on the original Overgrow and your topic reminds me of it a bunch. This thread put a smile on my face, thank you all for being a part of that and the refreshing blast from the past. The hobby has come such a long way. It’s so cool to see. Much love


I don’t quite qualify for the 2x2 club, I built a cab out of wood that’s 2x3. I love it. Small, easy to get in and handle everything, fits 3 small plants perfectly which is more then what we need for our use. Definitely following this one!


Welcome aboard @Dalorean !
88miles an hour seams about right in these parts, 2x3 qualifies brother! Glad you are here

@olschool @Illicitmango @Sbeanonnamellow

Thanks for being here you wonderful blessed beings


As you do…


Those 2 are ready

Two of those look like they have tails just starting to poke out.
Just the tip though :wink:


I’m a small set up situation too and always like to see what other people do. Following for sure :metal:

Nutrients wise I’m not sure on availability where you are but Jacks is my go to. Simple, consistent, and cheap


@Nuskool89 yeah jacks 321 is on the list,it buffers PH automatically according to the website and it’s cheap, frankly ticking my boxes
Can’t get it here, shipping from USA is stupid

Yeah mate! Not too optimistic yet as I said they seem to stall after they pop

Any tips welcome (currently giving em some scarification and using half strength nutrients to soak-dont use Clonex on principal)


I really like the idea for this thread. I grew for a long time in a M2 (1 meter squared) modified closet, and I also currently have a 2x2 tent, tho I’m not using it and I have a larger room now that I grow in… but I have a lot of respect for this sort of space and what it can produce.
I’m also interested in the Blumat/coco system. It looks like you’re sort of running a kind of hydro type system. I also use Blumats, but I build my own soil and just run water through the Blumats. I’m really interested in your flood-to-drain sort of system… if that’s what it is. How does it work?


Thanks for joining the circus :circus_tent: glad to have you here.

Yeah I don’t see many people taking advantage of the possibilities with blumat and coco…
I do have a special way of running blumat which I will share once it’s set up, it stops the blumat runnaway issue so won’t flood
And another trick to make sure the pressure on each cone is the same/no air bubbles -another reason the blumat seem to just run
And yes it is possible to use a bell syphon and blumat to make a flood and drain without electricity (good for keeping quite in stealth and guerilla outdoors)

Your post some how intrigued me very much, I hope to see you around again soon and maybe even fire up that 2x2 for good times sake?

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Yeah, I’m def interested in your Blumat style.
I ran my M2 closet for many years, and the best system I had was a 400 W light (we didn’t have LEDs at the time) with bubble buckets under a scrog. Excellent yield for the space. Usually ran 2 - 3 plants at a time. The scrog - filling the net - is what takes time. I’m sure mainlining takes a lot of time, too.
I look forward to see what you do.

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2x2s are awesome, they are easily moved if needed and you can cram quite a few plants in.

Having multiple allows you to experiment in each tent.

Recently made a couple flood and drain setups to run in mine and have been liking them so far:






Yup. I run multiple 2x2s :+1:
You can do some amazing stuff in those small tents… but I do wish I had tall 4x4s instead :cry:


Here’s what I got overall in the 2x3. 3 small blue cheese autos, and 2 new photo strains I started. Probably got to move autos outside soon to make room for the 7 littles. It’s crammed in there! Still got 2-3 weeks on middle auto and 4-5 weeks on the sides. Probably should have waited for autos to finish but I couldn’t wait lol. We make it work with what we got!!

Yes I know I need to get a smaller fan for in there hahaha. Sheds outside and pulls hot southern summer heat in there. Yes it’s still summer here ugh


Now we get the party started!!! Welcome to the club
Beautiful ladies and yes, the fun of multi-tenting, always good when you can run em both off the same extraction fan. Love the low profile flood and drain, looks like the Ikea underbed storage being put to use , exactly what I was gonna use

@firehead not sure about you yet, pal
2x2 growers never admit to wanting more space lest the ganga gods hear and smite plants with failed pumps, unplugged fans and funky timers…
You will have to post some pics of your set up else we gonna have to assume you are a spy from the outdoor growers gang

@Dalorean thanks for being part of the club, appreciate your sharing here, and yeah it’s the plague of the 2x2 tent,ya see a gap in the canopy and start thinking you could fit another girl in there hahahaha
Have you tried using a grate or similar for veging on level 1 and then you can finish the autos on level 2


@Myusernamewastaken :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::rofl::joy::rofl:your radar is detecting that @firehead is a C :eye: A infiltrator​:rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: oh man my belly hurts from that one​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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