Recycled Container Grow Off : 2021

You read it right Grow Off Time

Picking up the torch on fun grow contests here on OG so lets get this going.

The Challenge I Bring forth for fun and bragging rights.

Growing in a Recycled Container.


  • Must be a container or vessel that’s original purpose wasn’t for growing whether basic or unique.

  • The container must be from a used state, it cannot be bought or new, though it can be modified to allow your growing requirements.

  • Max volume of 750ml/26oz or so, im making it this size as it like an up-sized solo cup contest, and you can have a larger container so long as its only filled to approximately that volume or you can even go smaller if you want.

  • Roots must remain within the Recycled container or vessel of choice.

  • We all start from seed, at least for this first Grow Off.

  • If running a photoperiod it must be switched to flower come the Weekend of May the 1st, just so we are all within a similar time frame.

  • And ideally all finishing by the Weekend of July 1st - 4th if your plant needs more time then thats just what it is though lets grab final pics by then whether chopped or not.

  • Last provision , If one contestant wants to call out another for say maybe fudging some of the specifics above such as overly dense escaping roots, or a vessel that looks overly full for 750ml/26oz of volume then that member in question should provide picture evidence proving otherwise public taunting will ensue, obviously this is all for fun.

The rest is fair game so your medium of choice or grow method, photo or auto, indoor or out, organic or synthetic, automated or hand watered, LED or HPS, whatever you want falling within the above specifics.

And to start it off

Here is what i’m going with, i’m gonna reuse what is typically a 650-700g Yogurt container, though im using a same shaped container that held some tasty Creamed Honey.

As example showing my 750ml fill level.

Quick Modifications to allow my container to drain.

And filled with some new coco that ive never tried before, and some dunked lesser quality tan seeds from a recent (PosionedRoseCookieDevil x DarkSpark) auto crossing which went ontop of my light for heat in just that reused contact case, if more than one sprout im going to plant them and just pick the most vigorous one that pops up otherwise ill dunk some better non-tanned versions of these seeds, just figured try some of the rejects first and if they fail it gives the rest of you some time.

Bring it !

@Indoornesian is kindly offering up some seeds to those winners whom we vote on at the end of this thing, give him a thanks.

@sct2020 has also kindly offered up some seeds


Nice idea. Am I doing this right?

Mostly tomatoes, unfortunately :upside_down_face:


Then get a seed planted, unless you want to run a tomato :wink: lol.


Dankest tomato wins!

Cookie Devil H2s are soaking now :wink:


Does a homer bucket count as a recycled container?


What’s the overall goal? @Mr.Sparkle
Finial weight? Height? Amount of buds ext?
Don’t make me go get a yogurt cup lol


Love it. I’ll root around the garage and see what I can come up with.


@CADMAN I’ll say just contestant favorite at the end, so weight, looks or whatever, just s fun grow is all.

@BDGrows so long as it’s fill volume remains at our under 750ml and meets the not bought and used specifics.


I’ve liberated some 5 gallon buckets from behind restaurants. Don’t get ones that held pickles - you’ll never get the smell out.

Good luck everyone!


Sweet! Looks like this will be fun , I should be home tomorrow and then will get something going.


Cool idea on the contact lense cases. Now I know what to do with my old ones. Been using shot glasses but plastic is safer and less storage area needed. :+1:


Is it recycled if the container had a plant in it previously? LMAO.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@Mr.Sparkle you sparkling person you. IM IN…
I’m “Making” my recycled :recycle: container right now. (Eating the contents)


Soak it with baking soda water. I do it with sauer kraut buckets too


Depending lol


Had a can of oatmeal that reports 792gr.filled it with 350gr of Coco. It levels about an inch under the lid.

Cookie Devil dunked and resting on the seedling mat.


Are there any other rules on containers other than being recyclable?

Ok never mind. I scrolled up and I get it. Sounds like fun. I’m off to my pantry to see what I need to eat for a proper vessel.



@Mr.Sparkle this is what my “pre season” recycled container looks like… No Till water only soil from seed to harvest (just chopped today)

When I put this fun grow together I’ll post here again & nope. I’m not gonna use these same containers lol


Nice, and welcome to the rest.

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