2x2 tent on its side under the bed

Hi growers

The space:

So it’s a eBay 2x2 tent I think it’s 5 ft tall (60x60x150cm)
I don’t really have anywhere to grow so I put it on its side and under the bed.

Light: currently got a meanwell ELG 240 700 running some EB strips from bridgelux I chose the basic 3500k spectrum but added in about 25% 5000k to help with stretch and just keep the girls bushy with only 2ft Hight

Fan: AC infinity T6 with a can filter on it got some of fans and actually a proper clip fan but it’s too loud

Medium: basically it’s %20 organic soil, 15% perlite and%65 Coco I like using organic soil in Coco for pH buffering and bacteria and feeding the seedlings till they get their first feeding

Nutrients: running maxigrow and maxibloom , will install the blumat system in the morn.

The plan:
I’m trying not to commit to anything but at the moment and just see how it plays out

Currently growing 4 blue dream and 2 french macarons
Under a screen, hope to yield an Oz a week in perpetual mode
I started with 12 plants in 1 gallon fabrics thinking sog
But realised that was way too many so down to 6 and scrog

May not veg and just do 12/12 from seed in the future but I’m not sure if it’s better to grow 1 plant sideways so just experimental stuff on this first run, they are all in dif pots slightly different amounts of perlite

Well thanks for following and tips advice comments or banter welcome here

Oh I think it’s day 3 of 12/12


I love it. Always space to grow these plants somewhere right? :joy:


That’s pretty clever. Now you’ve got me thinking about building some stilts for my bed!

All the best


No more likes left but that made me laugh a bit :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: great work and hahah I love your way to manage your problem !!!


Where there’s a will there’s a way, looks awesome :grin:


That is thinking outside the box for sure.
I imagine the hum from the fan could be considered “white noise” and help lull you to sleep.

One thing you might have issue with, the tent sides won’t be waterproof like the bottom insert.
Water always finds a way.


Great job using that extremely limited space !


I just realized that the tent is on it’s side great idea


Oo man I like this great job dude . Keep it OG

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That’s really clever From the pics it looks like you have so much headspace in there too, but I imagine it’s a bit tight.


Haha glad I’m not the only one with a small grow under there bed , I got about 4.5 feet of height but it’s just for starts then off to a more comfy spot they go.


Was pretty easy actually

I used an IKEA bed and just replaced the legs with some pine from the shop

Yeah head room is a luxury I don’t have

The screen is about 5cm(2inches ) below the pots so the fill out and down

The screen is only 10cm off the ground

The lights are only 2cm thick
Keeping the driver outside the tent

Thanks for the interest guys

This is my first time journaling so glad that someone is watching


Just got home from work and this is what I see!!! Genius, man!!..Genius!!!
Have you thought of ditching the pots and just using one of those low profile rubbermaid containers?

Hmm…not sure why the link isn’t working…


sounds like a TipPot or something similar diy would work well for you


This confused me a bit
So U have 4.5 ft of headroom?
And U move them before they flower?

Bro I’m flowering in 2ft including pots and lights

Not sure what you mean by this?

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Yes the area I converted under my bed has 4.5 feet of height, 4 to the light. I use it for germination of seed projects before moving them into a full size room. That’s awesome you manage to flower in such confined space , gota work with what you got ,still better then paying street prices.



wow kudos my friend


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So just finishing week 5 now of a planned 9 week flower

Had a bit of sludge in the rez that seems to have clogged the middle 2 drippers.
Mucked around with it a bit and once the snot passed it was fine again. My fault for not opening the tent this week.
Bit dry but I’m sure they will recover


Now that is an effective use of space there, very nice! What’s an average yield for this setup?

@legalcanada that’s a good idea. I’m not sure how big the market will be, but cool nonetheless. I’d love plants with modular trellises or screens like that.

I thought it was pretty gimmicky until they showed the plant beasting out a few days later. That could be very useful for people in the right spaces.


You are right, that is pretty cool!
You know just by looking at it the original prototype was a TV antenna and a milk crate.