3 Purple Ryder #2 Feminized Autoflower From:The Joint Doctor

Nice buds under your Led light setup :wink:

Btw. I can see much more space in your tent and its potential. Aren’t you looking forward for any kind of SOG, SCROG way of cultivation for to achive higher yield?

herbal dispatch actually

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“I Most Certainly Am” I’m open to any and ALL Suggestions & Or Methods of making my Yield MUCH HIGHER!
Also thank you for the compliment Zedy it’s nice to meet you and I’ll be sure to check your Grow out too.
I may have just made my own day or maybe week in fact. I’ve found the Original Blueberry Seeds I’ve been trying to find as of late. I should’ve looked there first so I’m feeling a wee bit silly:blush: However, BC Bud Depot & Seed Bank Dugh!!!
Great to know you I look forward to chatting again.

                            Sincerely: Don D.

So Broken Coast Then? Aren’t their buds the absolute Tastiest Ever? Oh & If it’s White Palm I’ve been telling all of my fellow Brother & Sister Medical Marijuana Clients about the Absolute Amazing Honey Oil & Greasy Pink Dab and lest we forget the Moroccan & Afghan Hashish Are OFF THE HOOK for reals. I honestly am transported back to the 70’s when I put on Emerson Lake & Palmer Or Blood Sweat & Tears also Fleetwood Mac too eh! I adore Stevie Nicks. “who doesn’t”
Seriously though lotus if you’ve Not tried any of White Palms Phant or The Quarry & South Coast Extracts.
oh Yeah, the BEST part is U Only need your current Medical Marijuana Card to Sign Up & None of what you order from White Palm Effects your Medical Marijuana Dosage and or Limit per day. I Know Right? Anyhooow, I’m just about to fill my Water Bong with some Afghan Hash as it’s the ultimate Daytime Product for whatever ails you eh! lol.:wink:

i dont have a medical cardXD impossible where i live. also bc bud depot is a hit or miss. usualy a miss. but i have gotten some good from them. their blueberry isnt the real blue berry, you need dj shorts for that. i have a pack of true blueberry by dj but they were expensiveXD

THAT SUCKS! I’m truly saddened when I hear such Madness. I hate it that anyone whom needs Medical Marijuana to have a BETTER Functioning LIFE and any Government today that refuses such
Medicinal Needs to their Citizens should Be Incarcerated FOREVER!!! It’s A Criminal Offence in my opinion & I am pretty certain it WILL END this Madness of Continuing with the BIG LIE!!! Persecuting & Imprisoning Decent & Good People for trying to manage any ailments that Medical Marijuana helps with. Oh & It’s to bad you couldn’t get a card here at a Fitness Center & Then just use it anywhere In Canada eh! LMAO!
Now how do I find dj shorts seed bank to purchase the Original Blueberry Strain?
“Please & Thank You”

                                 Sincerely: Don D.

you have too look around hoping a seedbank carries them. hemp depot might. true north is out. seeds here now has dj short beans.

Tat’s the one I’m down for the dj short seeds as you said they have the TRUE ORIGINAL BLUEBERRY?
I can’t begin to tell you how Psyched I am about FINALLY having the opportunity to actually GROW ME SOME.
Especially under the NEW COB LED. I’m So just dying to get these things going asap. I’m so grateful to you’s all here on Overgrow I’m off to nap chat later.

                               Sincerely: Don D.

Great, You may try to figure out any of those techniques on your Blueberry seeds in next round. SOG and SCROG techniques are basically done by cutting and forming your plants for to most effectively use your growing space and to increase the yield to maximum. Final harvest is of course based on the genetic, growing equipment and your experience with that stuff together - check this out:

From which seed bank are your BB seeds? It’s good to know its genetic potential (sativa/indica) befor to apply any of these cultivation techniques. Have fun!!!

:smiley: I’m glad that site served you well. Losing unsaved changes is no longer a problem :slight_smile: Yes, the post draft gets saved to server in the background as I type :). So once you return to the site, it will be there :)…

May I recommend spliting your gallery to more posts next time? It will allow much faster loading to visitors of your topics, because they will be able to take advantage of successive photo loading. Currently when you add 50 photos into single post it forces them to load them at once (and that could be slow).

So it is better to upload only few images with comment in single post (say up to 10 but in general the less the better) and add additional photos to another post reply.

Thanks, I’m reading your topic with pleasure!

I’m definitely in the Market for those beans if you’d be up to parting with any of them? I just NOW read this again and Thought,"I wonder if lotus might part with a few of the ones U have as I’d Know I’m getting the REAL DEAL for certain eh?
No Worries if Not I’ll get them online. Sorry I’ve not been around as of late I just had some FAMILY Stuff to deal with and WE ALL Know what THAT Can Be Like Eh! anyhooow, I’m back again now and that’s what matters. Oh Yeah, I’m Moving to a new Place where I Can put BOTH My TENTS UP & Run the COB Lights In Both to get some Sweet Tasty Yields.
I’m going to add some Bud & Plant pics I found flipping through my old hard drives.Hope all is Well & Good with you & Yours lotus.

                                          Sincerely: Don. D.

I will be doing so from now on Joe as I agree less pics more narrative, check. lol OMG! I just caught the Pun there.
U know I’m not rude or condescending in any way at all. What my intentional use of the word check as in Check Mark.
Just don’t want you thinking I was being a wise ass or anything Joe, my Brother Cannabis Grower/Connoisseur. I just got an order of Medical Marijuana that I was quite excited about receiving as it’s one of my all time favorite strains,
Thetis (romulan) named after an alien species on Star Trek back in the 70’s I believe. Anyhow I’ve taken a couple picks of it to show everyone how Amazing a Strain it truly is. & yes Joe I’ll be sure to post a couple of them in Bud shots.
I hope this reply finds you in great spirits and that you had an awesome Holiday Season this Year Brother.

                              Sincerely: Don D.

Wow lots of pics, great job there Don. GTA seedbank also has a good lineup, they used to have a store but are now mailorder. Always in breeder packs and easier payment than hempdepot (snail mail sucks). About the law enforcement thing, you stated that the law has been told to ‘cease and desist’ essentially. I don’t know what part of the country you are in but our PM (selfieboy) has reminded everyone that the law still is in effect and other than authorized med users, possession, and growing remain illegal. Toronto police also reminded everyone the law is still arresting charging and convicting for possession without a card. Toronto is also using a new roadside test strip for marijuana. It is voluntary for those who are not suspected, but is mandatory (same as breathalyzer) when officers suspect cannabis consumption. The law will be introduced in April (probably 4/20 like last year) until then… no card and yer busted. You got quite the set-up there man and I’m just waiting (I’m sure Lotus is too) for ya to take the ‘leap’ and get off the bottle. Keep up the good work, thanks for the post. Listen to the growers on this site (and a few others) and you may never listen to a salesman again. You’ve got the right stuff to be an awesome grower.

i have a little seedbank of my own but the blueberries are mineXD i used to use 420kingston all the time! they are the bomb

Mucho Gratitude Fellow Cannabis Grower/Connoisseur. I’ve got 4 different Personal Friends with extensive Possession & Marijuana Growing Charges in their Past to be fair 2 of which Now have Marijuana Scripts like myself. all of which have been pulled over whilst Smoking Cannabis 1 had the Card the other Not the 1 with the card showed it and was allowed to immediately drive off. The Other was asked to pull to the side of the Marijuana Test Lane. lmao. (I didn’t expect the Nay Sayers to abandon their beliefs all together and their Will Definitely be some bumps and Heavens knows even a couple Pot Holes in the road ahead) where he took said test & He showed the Officer his container of weed about half ounce worth.
They then ran him to make sure his licence was Legit and No Outstanding Warrants and he was also allowed to go home with his Marijuana, also to be fair here He was warned that SOME Offsuckers are Seriously UPSET about what they’ve been told to do as far as Backing off on Simple Marijuana possession and anyone growing 6 or less plants. Now Unless the Officer I was speaking with is full of shight, I doubt that as we have a History from back in the day when I wasn’t such a, well to put it plainly, I had NO Common Sense or Fear got myself into foolishness lets call it. No Matter However as Today I’m a productive Law Abiding Citizen who Until I got my Medical Marijuana Prescription “had I been pulled over by a Nay Sayer Police Officer I just may have had my vehicle towed and been charged for whatever the Offsucker felt like charging me with. So I’ll admit that NO we’re Not Fully out of the Woods yet my friend. However I can see the tree line from where I’m standing so there’s That. lmao. Honestly Brother I am very optimistic from what I’ve Personally seen and heard from a very reliable source and dare I say a friend today (even I am surprised just how far I’ve come from a Very Dark Place in my past) Today I’m “Chillin Like A Villan” as I tell all the Officers I’ve dealt with over the 28yrs of my life I was living with Blinders On and taught only 1 survival tactic. " If U want it TAKE It.” Or Starve! Madness I tell U. I can speak from experience here when I say "Since I’ve Grown Up @ age 37 the last 15 or so years of my life have been doing the RIGHT things & Making the Right Choices VERY Difficult at times to be sure. Although Much more rewarding and Today I have the Respect & TRUST of all those Who TRULY Matter In Our Lives especially Mom & My Kids. I’m as you can see by this reply an OPEN BOOK LMAO. My Mom & Daughter are laughing behind me reading this. Apparently I’m Sharing TOO Much. In the past I worried about such things too. No longer though as those who judge me for my past and who I USE 2 BE I have no use for them either. I’ve yet to be openly judged here in overgrow so until then I’ll Share the Shight right out of my life. Try it folks it really is helpful. OK,OK. I’m sure you’ve heard enough for 1 day eh? LMAO Yeah Right! This will No Doubt be the last time I hear from anyone who reads this to. Oh well, I feel that I’ve Nothing to Hide I NEVER Did Any FEDERAL Time 2yrs or more of a sentence & many whom I grew up with are long gone or still doing time today. 1 for the Good Team Folks. I do feel and know how Truly Blessed I am for waking up 1 day and being Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired. I’m not a religious man I do believe that There is a Greater Power than Myself that when Channeled Properly can make life so much simpler and easier. Rule # 1 ALWAYS Act,Think & Feel in terms of Others and one of my Favorite Mantras today is Ask,Listen & Do as I’m Told. LOL Thanks for that one MOM! Back to the subject at hand here. My Bad Bro. I’ll try to stay focused here now. LMAO :wink:

I’m just a little confused about which COB lighting System Is Better for Yield & Quality,Taste etc.etc. I’m hoping to stick with the whole LED Gig too I just cannot afford the Cost of Running 1 900 Watt Full Spectrum LED from Mars Hydro when I coul No Doubt run 2 COB LED’s For even LESS than the Mars Hydro cost me in energy. Also Being as I’m In Ontario Canada where can I Purchase this COB LED Lighting? Do You or anyone else know of a Dealer near Toronto or in Toronto Ontario where I Might Find such Lighting? I’ll be diligently looking too just hoping someone here on this site may be aware of this info. I’m LOSING IT HERE Not Growing and It’s Much Harder than I thought it might Be. Thank Heavens I’ve been able to Ration my Purple Ryder Bud so I’m not going to run out anytime soon with my Medical Marijuana Producer continually Growing New & Truly Connoisseur Worthy Strains such as the OG Kush they’ve just this week added to the list of currently available Strains. I’ll attach a few pics of them to give you an idea of just How Truly Potent & Tasty they are.

Shight gotta go. Look forward to hearing back.


Awesome, I’ve heard both good & bad things about 420 but never knew 420kingston even existed Thanx alot for the heads up as it does have some sweet strains indeed lotus & sorry for bugging about the COB Lighting again however, I just want to be certain to get the biggest Bang for my Buck eh! Which is the best Quality & what wattage is best for MAX Yield? I’m quite Green in this area & my eyes are Blurry from looking at all of the different brands and styles of COB Lights. I Truly am feeling SOOOO Foolish that I’ve spent tons of cash on Hydro bills when the COB Lighting is available. Not that I want to beat myself up about it even more so but, I was wondering how long have COB lights for Growing Cannabis been around? -

  • if it’s more than 7 or 8 years pls contact my next of kin and explain my suicide eh! LMAO…:laughing:

                                   Sincerely: Don D.

cob lighting hasnt been around for long. cree cobs are some of the best quality around. then vero, then citizen. turn that around for the pricingXD but its worth it to spend more. as for brands i dont trust any. there are very few good cob makers out there. i will link a few here


being in canada shipping is gonna be crazy. along with the customs feeXD

build your own. itll be cheaper. and you can customize exactly to your needs.

Well you’ve convinced me completely lotus I’m actually quite a decent appliance repairman and I’ve been setting up sound systems since I was 13yrs old so, why not build my own COB lighting set up? I’m quite sure I’ll be able to get some help from you if things get to out of hand eh? lol. Seriously though you are absolutely right about the duty double taxes & shipping etc.etc. I learned about it when my Partner Deb bought me the Yielder Max Grow Cabinet from Irvine California.
The shipping & INSURANCE almost Killed me. So I’ll give the D.I.Y. gig a go I figured you’d be the one to help out here and I’m super Grateful for it lotus especially NOW eh. Okay what do I need to get to make these COB Lights? Thank heavens the electronics I need I’m certain that if you can get them in the USA it’s more than likely that I’ll be able to acquire the same tech here in Canada No? Fingers crossed, also I am really actually looking forward to the awesome sense of accomplishment I’ll feel when I crop out my 1st Grow with Lights I Made with my own hands. Besides I’ve just been getting Baked day in & day out watching Doctor Who & all these new Netflix series and such. Sure it’s been fun to be sure as I haven’t smoked so Many Amazing Different Extracts Co2 Extracts that is. No More isoprope or Butane No Sir, Only Co2 Extracts from Now On & with the awesome tasting & potent Strains my Producer of Medical Marijuana Broken Coast Cannabis I’m Not just getting a wee buzZ I have to truly smoke a third of a dube at a time or a small bowl of it in my water pipe. LMAO… I Know Right! sorry I do get carried away sometimes when discussing anything THC. lol. Honestly though I need to get to doing something. Or I might get Stoned and Miss 2017 all together eh! I’m freaking losing it here lotus lets do this.

                                                    Sincerely: Don D. 

I was wondering about how you’d feel about re-locating Geographically to be able to acquire a Medical Marijuana Prescription? I only ask as I’ve a few friends whom had been in places where they couldn’t obtain a card and 2 are back out there 1 is still in Vancouver. Apparently they say it’s quite easy to get a card there. All I know is I’d be freaking Growing & Extracting the Shight right out of as much Nuggage as I Personally Needed & a wee bit of sharing to of course. lol. :innocent::wink: If it’s done properly Budder is an amazing tasting and wonderfully effective extract. Even when done with Butane.

I know,I know, I do get carried away with the pics I just wanted to give you a glimpse at my Magic Pantry is all Brother Connoisseur & why I must get busy doing some Growing and Building a.s.a.p. No? lmao… From 1 Grower to Another, surely you understand the need to Get Back at It! Besides I have All this Growing equipment here My Cabinet, 4x4 & 3x3 FusionHuts I also have Lots of Soil & Bat Guano Kelp Meal & I even have 15 Gallons Of R/O water ready to go Oh & lest I forget the Worm Castings of which I also have plenty. Yes, I hear it in my head too. What the F— am I up to sitting on my arse with everything I need holy shight, I just realized I Never even Mentioned My Mars Hydro II 900 watt full spec. LED Growlight? That’s Truly a 1st for reals lotus. I repeat Brother, “Let’s Build These COB Babies Proper & Good Mate”
See, “I told you I was watching way to much Doctor Who eh Old Chum” OMG somebody stop me. Please… lmao big time. I anxiously await your reply. Don.D. :sunglasses: :innocent: :wink: Mucho Thanx for all the assist.


making a cob light is super easy. ill get you links of everything you need



this is a lot to post how about this

yes you are free to ask me any questions about this:) check out this guy

also basicly anything here is good

that should be good to get you going:)

Much love

You’re the GOODS Lotus, Thank you so much man this is exactly what I was praying you’d send me. lol. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed however with this info I can sharpen up a little yet. lol. Oh and whilst I was cleaning out my Cabinet and surrounding area I found about 7 grams of Purple Ryder # 2 Nugs. I know Right! Brother if you were local I’d be on my way over to hook a Brother Up for reals Lotus. I’m just getting up here and need my Morning Meds so Thanx Very Much again Bro. Today I start a couple or 4 seeds Germinating so things aren’t so terribly Boring! lol. Top of the Morning to ya.

                                           Sincerely: Don D.
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