Multi tent connection?!??

Ok so here it goes. I have a 4x4x7 grow tent that is currently sealed, I run a window AC into the unit from a custom box which exhausts to the outside (box was a great idea, I forget who I found it from but it’s made out of pink insulation board). Now, I originally made this tent as a passive intake system with a 6” exhaust dumping into my other room in the basement. That exhaust only runs every hour for 1 min just to cycle a little air (technically not fully sealed then).
Now the big Q. HOW DO I JOIN 2 TENTS SEALED? Or not sealed for the veg?
That tent will now be fully sealed and maintain flower, while I have a 2x4x6 tent that is going in for a veg tent.
Should I;
A) split the ac into 2 4” lines from a 6”y as a supply to both rooms while using it mainly for flower design. Then add a y pipe to the exhaust So it can have a split to both tents, as exhaust? (My fan is a 440 and I only need 220 total between both tents max.)
B)Seperate exhaust from flower, run straight sealed flower tent, and create veg to have an active intake with the exhaust setup turned all the way down. I would then be using an ac infinity Inline temp/humid gauge fan since I went to ac due to heat issues with the bigger light. (2x4 would have half the light size)?!
C)somehow figure a way to adjoin both tents together so the veg exhausts into the flower top and out the 6” exhaust, not sure how to run ac in that case cuz now the system would have to be completely tied together and defeats the purpose of seperate units with a dehumidifier basically in flower tent only…



maybe a 6 x 6 x 4 y duct


Similar setup. Working good for me. In my setup the flower and veg share a wall. No ducting, but more difficult to make light proof.

Down low. Using AC infinity fan in veg box to pull cool air from AC cooled flower box.

Up high. Dual passive exhausts back into flower box.

I run veg hotter than flower.
Wish the AC infinity had ability to set different temp/rh for lights on/off.


That actually sounds pretty good, run the infinity from the flower into the veg to circulate that air instead of a y for the ac prior. That would create a sealed enviro that cycles between tents. Is it hot in the flower tent? I run a dehumidifier in the flower so I don’t want it to disrupt veg really smart idea man.

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The flower tent has the AC, I keep it in the high 70s.

The more I vent veg to keep veg temps down, the harder my AC has to work. Warm veg air being pushed back into flower. Good for sharing Co2 also.

Easy trick. Crack the door on veg and no more pushing hot air into flower. Gotta watch negative/positive pressures.

For sure. Humidity must be kept in check. I tend to keep rh lower vs higher. My dehuey is in flower.

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I have my veg tent drawing in passive air at the bottom + through a filtrete filter. That then runs high into my flower room (close to my exhaust) hot air rises. So that’s why I draw from the top of the veg and even with no actual exhaust in my Veg tent. My Vivosun 4" 190cfm exhaust and carbon filter have more than enough pull to also handle my veg tent. My flower room is 54"x34"x82" & my Veg tent is 20"x 36"x 63". It works well.


That looks pretty nice. I’m contemplating if I want to go passive intake into the veg or the ac infinity. The exhaust I have is a 6” 440 but runs on low for 1 min per hr since I’m trying to keep it a true closed loop. Wasn’t sure which would be better for veg since I am running a 2x4x5 veg tent with spider farmer sf2000 and a spider farmer sf4000 in my flower which is 4x4x7. Right now with evaporative humidifier (helps keep temps down with ac), dehumidifier, and ac pumped straight into the tent. The active intake to the veg I’m hoping will help control circulation into tents (with filter to act as scrubber below from tent to tent and a carbon filter liner blocking an 8” or6” vent I’m gonna use for air up top between tents. For full circle


Sounds like a good idea. I’m sure you’ll make it work for you!


Once I have it all together and up I’ll post some photos see what you guys think of it. In my head it’s all working out so far. Maybe it’ll help some others on their combo tent travels.


You got this. Looking forward to pics…and success!


Oh. If you are anal like me - get you some ecowitt in your diet.
There are many products to choose from, ecowitt is just what I use.

I have 4 of the remote sensors.

Pop a sensor in your intake and/or exhaust vent to monitor temp/rh.

Place a sensor on dehumidifier exhaust. Graph shows you when dehuey compressor is running and for how long.


Hi there @Adiosmio!! Welcome to OG. Cool setup and looking forward to watching ya grow!!

I have a multi sensor for temp and rh but I like that aspect of app and such, def gonna take a look into it! Thanx fam. Currently have 4 annunaki genetic from seed in veg under scrog, flowering in 2 weeks. Nothing big but just filling the net. Once I get the multi tent I’m gonna lst with topping maybe 3 or 4 in 5gals then drop em over throw a new on in big tent for stretch and circulate.

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Was the plywood to help with the tent expansion?

The plywood is where I built my flower room. It’s a temporary wall. Cuz I’m in like a housing complex. So I simply used a corner in my basement and built 1 wall and added a door. Now it’s 54"x34"x82"

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