Almost to my fist HYDROPONIC harvest... hopefully!

Well here she is and all of her glory I finally am almost to my first hydroponic harvest it only took almost two years and God knows how many different DIY buckets and different cases of root rot so hopefully I can finally get a decent harvest and can say I grew my own hydro weed! The whole time I was concerned about the rrez temperature but a few weeks ago the chiller that I had retrofitted fitted into this system broke on me and now that I’m not controlling the reservoir Tim and the recirculating systems no longer working they’re still growing…IMG_20200822_135125|375x500


Looks good by the pics. What temps in the res now?

77f! Like wtf defieing everything I learned while researching how to do this shit lol…I have two air pumps and stones now instead of one but that’s is the only difference other than loosing my 70 degree resivour and the system would spray the roots and that has stoped also…

I been using Clea Rez the entire time this time so maybe that’s what’s getting me there and sterile no hydroguard!!!


I use ph perfect Maxi bloom with call mag and King kola pH down that’s it from seeed

I didn’t top this plant at all just bent the stalk 90 degrees before flower

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