American sanctuary thread, for good clones or legends

Hello everybody

I just opened a topic to collect the best clones in Europe and Canada, and put them in a “BIG Overgrow clone sanctuary” around the world, organized by us because just me, it’s complicated.

The goal is to make it for every continent because we have all different gooood weed to share ! ), share them around the world, exchange them for free, with all the Community around the world.

Some friends are making the same thing in all the other forums so it will be a Fucking good sharing program !

Why we should do this for american strains ?

  • we’ve all already lost clones, and we will all lose more

  • revive varieties like old skunks, genius, og kush that everyone is talking about and only breeders see and locked to sell us bad work and make a maximum benefit

  • we buy diluted versions, or fake versions, from breeders who surf the hype to sell us diluted varieties that have nothing to do and they do not know sometimes. How many times I read than the hyped clone from a breeder is a fake clone (for Europe : Barney, Green house, Soma, Mr. Nice now, serious seeds now, etc…) :slight_smile:

  • to create a “world free clones BIG library” with the others continental topics, and spread them the most possible to everybody ! those who have those clones generally just show them and die. Please see what happened to many clone-only (RKS, deathstar, NYCD ruby red, old genetics from all continents)

  • stop dreaming about some hyped strains. Sometime selections are better and we are all dreaming for nothing. So take it from the “world seed clones library”, try it and stop dreaming :slight_smile:

By doing things right, we can revive almost dead varieties and all smoke pure wonders for nothing ! why don’t try ?

It would also be a great example of how to live in community through sharing, regardless of the country or the continent. If the cannabis world could lead by example it would be :

  • a bonus for us because we are labelled as “drug addicts”

  • make this world better. Please see the results of trading : money, war, poverty, hype for nothing, dream for nothing, poverty again. I don’t want this world for my kids and try to show the most possible that we can all live better if we just share and don’t say “mine is better, what do you have for me ?”

  • a great exemple to show the world that american, russian, european, north corean, arabic, black, all the nationalities, can leave in this world with love, sharing programs and stop making war and researches on how to fuck our planet with bombs. This world can be a Heaven if we try.

And we will smoke the best weeds of our unique lifes ! haha after we die :slight_smile:

The best thing would be to exchange them between continents once a year. Something well organized like seed-coop!

Maybe I’m crazy but there are other crazy people who are up for this project. I have some contacts in Europe, Australia, USA, Colombia. The more number of crazy we’re, the more we’re going to laugh.

Best wishes


There are still some good rare clones to be found in the PNW from the medical days that I have grown. Ghost OG, GDP (the real fake grape flavor one), Grape Ape, White Widow (the original from Shanti, now available from Mr Nice as Black Widow), Colombian Black, Durban Poison, Jack Herer, Bubblegum, Tangie, and Bubba Kush, to name a few. You can buy clones in the weed shops in Oregon. The commercial mj growers here have a lot more strains, as do the growers in Humboldt in California.


You have to live in Oregon to can buy clones ?

Do you know some good shops there (archive in Portland sem to be a good one) ?

Thank you for your good answers

All the best

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Anyone from anywhere over 21 can buy 4 clones at a time in Oregon from the weed shops. Anyone over 21 can buy an oz of weed at a time in Oregon as well. People in Washington state buy clones in Oregon all the time because they do not sell rec clones there. Rec growing is not legal in WA, but with an Rx from a doc and you can grow 4 medical plants there. The best clones that I got in the Portland area were from Harvest Connoisseur, but he is out of business now (forced out by the City of Gladstone banning cannabis sales). Now the best place is Maritime Cafe in Southeast Portland. That is also my favorite shop for weed for the rare times that I buy it. They have good prices. Clones there are $12. All the clones from there have been clean. I spray them anyway, but they were clean. Rare and good strains sell out fast though.


I’ll have in two weeks the Ghost OG, wedding cake and some stardawgs to put in the table (I have European clones to but this is american thread clones)

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Thank you very much for your help

I have to go to Oregon too haha

All the best


I know a well-known guy in ICmag who sell some fire for 50 dollars in Massachussets. The problem is that I’m from Europe and I can’t go before May. Hope he still sold his strains in five months. If someone can go to Detroit, the guy has a solid reputation and his clones too :
Blue Dream,
Hollywood Pure Kush,
Ghost Train Haze,
Face off OG,
Pre 98 Bubba Kush,
Corey Stardawg,
OGKB 2.0,
Blissful Wizard 32,
Forum GSC,
Wedding Cake,
Super Silver Haze,
Durban Poison,
Sour Dubble,
GMO Cookies,
Chem D,
Chem sis,

All the best everybody


Ooh just found this, what a good idea! I’m kinda doing the same myself lol.

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