An LED that can really compare to a 1000 watts DE HPS

In the recent market there have been new stuff coming out and will expect for more to come out while later prices start dropping as soon as led get to the limits of physics in what efficiency means now we have to add more points of light for better efficiency
here are the 2 options i have found that i think will meet the criteria for replacing a full 1000w DE HPS
who can use 1000w on a HPS can burn the amount 9f power in a LED too just will have to adjust the grow area because will get slightly bigger and canopy penetration will be higher

Found that DE HPS me of the best ones produce a Good amount of PPF real amount of usable light will produce (PPF)2100 μmol Gavita Pro Plus 1000W EL DE

leds i have found

PPF of 2700 µmol/s ZEUS 1000W Pro LED by Lumatek


PPF of 3000 µmol/s Growcraft X6 – 1000 Watt DIY LED Grow Light Kit


I have been watching Vitaly’s efforts for some time now. He has developed really good gear.
I just need to save up some cash before I can upgrade.


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It draws 1000 watts from what I am reading for a 5x5 footprint. The gavita led draws like 650watts for a 4or spread


I’ve been following ChilLed for some time and I think they have some good product. The only problem I’d have with them is that they keep changing and discontinuing their product lines. It seems like they’ve had like three or four different designs over the past several years.


me too’ is good that good amount of time and stuff have to have better understanding on what are the real requirements so then we can explore better options, get rid of inefficient ways then to increase yield, quality , i was even digging on a big qb ceiling for a tent similar to this low profile ones with qbs but my hands dont let me do much diy an i cant be lifting too heavy stuff m, my restrictions are 5lbs so one stuff there ad when you get to the same amount of power i think it gets too expensive, been digging on how the different companies get their efficiency
(i dig and do a lot of reading)the Lumatek have 600 diodes per bar and have 10 bars , the growcraft bar have 295 diodes and regular qbs have 288, so the efficiency now will come in amount of diodes used, the qb and the growcrafrt use Samsung more efficient, the lumatek one use less efficient diodes (proprietary) at a much more amount of them ,an hlg 600 will have 1152 diodes while growcraft have 1770 diodes, growcraft have a 600w model and a 1000w so you see how much these diodes can really handle, the Zeus lumatek have the 600w model 8 bars so is 4800 diodes and the 10 bar model that is the 1000w one is 6000 diodes , if study the configuration the numbers will start to make sense we have a top limit of efficiency what stop us is 3 stuff , power to light them to see how low can be run efficiently and amount you can mount cuz each takes some space so you are limited on how many per area , and more important , Price , the more parts or diodes , more efficient but more expensive it gets

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amount of ligth is different if see the numbers , Gavita Led is 1700 PPF both this Lumatek led are 2700 PPF and Growcraft is 3000 PPF difference in amount of usable light that comes from fixture per second difference is huge , even a Gavita DE HPS will give 2100 PPF still kills the Gavita led in yield because of usable light, i hope it make sense, this is the horsepower of the led

@Northern_Loki yes they call this Leds the third generation, they have come to go more efficient but i think they are really discontinuing stuff who still is pretty good will get cheaper but if they can still spend what they were spending in parts before for better and efficient ones they will kill the variety and will go with what they think will profit them more

I avoid lumatek there original digital ballasts burned down alot of people’s grows.

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Lumatek are the ones with 5 year warranty ChilLed is 3 years how long was that? tech have change a lot in the last years

It was when they first started up as a company I’m sure they have alot better production now, or at least I would hope.

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well is an fully UK product

i email the company and they dont sell Canada or USA , but clarify this to me that can find a retailer that do

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Or try to find someone in uk that receive it for me and send it to me , in really interested in Both reason wamt to try to get the Lumatek too unless something else comes up in the near future

That is interesting, they are avoiding CSA/UL countries and sticking to TUV countries. That, along with that bit of odd legalese, certainly suggest something of a “colorful past”.


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Youre looking into some good options. You might want to consider Iluminars options as well. They have both 1000W options on HPS-MH and LEDs. I have the iL9x 1000W and its a really nice piece of equipment. Give them a shot!