Shane from Migro has a bad day - best light option for efficiency

The ever so honest Shane posted a new video of the Lumatek Zeus 600 Pro, topping the efficiency charts he created.

Here is the vid:

So for growers where kWh used is an important metric, such as myself (expensive/avoiding suspicion), this looks like a great option.

If they ever bring out a smaller version I’d definetly consider it.


For the initial price of ownership i would have to pass. Its not that much more efficient then a hlg quantum board. I would purchase the hlg 600 which i plan to in a few weeks over this. The efficiency between the 2 is negligible.


Why not go for a cheaper quantum board option then? Like importing straight from China… I have the Kingbrite qbs and am very pleased with 'm


Ive considered them. Havent pulled the trigger on the hlg yet. You have a grow journal showing off the kingbrite?

He haven’t done a test on the new ChilLed Growcraft , better efficiency than that zeus one, them he will be really pissed and frustrated

I have both a hlg 550 and a kingbrite. I legit like the kingbrite better


Why so? Im curious now!

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Just the dialing up and down really. Its identical

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Hmm…i might give it a go. Maybe i should wait for the corona virus to ride its coarse before ordering from china though.


I’m gonna wait till this thing passes and I’m buying 2 more


they have a real 1000w model 10 bars

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Was thinking on your post. I bet that besides the huge hit the wholesale Chinese economy is taking on bulk factory goods etc…The relatively smaller trade on Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. must be getting destroyed.

I too want more Kingbrites but will wait as the others have said.

The Kingbrites are their 240w LMB 301B w/ Cree far reds. (The center light is a Unitfarm UFO80 w/ Cree/Oshram diodes that was free for testing when they came out) The thin light bar is a DIY far red w/ some Blue tossed in.