HELP with growlights

Hi!!! Im fairly new at growing and wanted to know what would be my best option for an LED growlight/ light’s. Im buying a 10x10 gorilla grow tent and wanted to know what would cover the whole space and give me the best yield possible?

                                      Thanks for your help!!

Really depends their lots of brand like growchoice ,think grow led,chilledtech led, fluence spyder ,hlg, Pacific Lighting Company,
scynce led and garvita even makes a pretty good


These are the bigger name brand and they do come with a price tag, cheapest one is the plc since it on a diy settings so you would have to assemble it

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Im looking at the brands that you suggested and they look great but no matter the price what are your favorite leds for a 10x10 tent?

Well personally I can only comment on chilled Tech gen2 thier gen3 now,growerchoice,hlg since they are the one I have use i definitely like the roi680 .
the most since it the the newest light i got and it slap up with no fuzz and its bright with a good price point.
if i had a lil extra spending money i would go with the think grow since they have snap in place light bar with individual drivers.

they make replacing fault bar quick and if one goes one you don’t lose the whole light it will still light up and operate

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Let me start off by saying Thank You for your response, realistically what kind of yield van i get out of each light??

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I don’t have LED grow lights and certainly can’t suggest which one would be best for you. I can, however, say with confidence that you will need multiple lights for your 10x10 tent. If you plan to use the entire space for plants, You’ll likely need 4 lights to get the best coverage.

As for your question about yield, that’s impossible to answer without knowing your growing environment, strain, media, nutes, skills, etc.


I’ve been doing a little research on led and some claim that certain lights can cover up to 5x5 space. How true do you think that is?

Some lights will certainly cover that, which is why you need 4. If you have only 2 of them, they’d cover 10x5 - half of your tent.


Well, some will lie their butts off :lying_face: and others will tell you the truth… :innocent:
10 x 10? WOW that is some serious grow space.
Technically the best LED I would put forward for your consideration is this:

As @Purple-N-Hairy said you will need 4 of them, but that is the beginning. Then there is the ventilation to consider (but I expect you have thought of that) and other items like humidifier and or dehumidifier etc. Power management will be interesting.



10’ x 10’ = 100 square foot of floor area to light. With LED the sweet spot seems to be around 35 Watts per square foot but very decent yields can be had with around 30W per sq/ft.
Seems to me you’ll need around 3000W from decent LED fixtures, this wont be cheap! probably the only way you’ll get below a dollar per Watt is to build the rigs yourself.

If it’s any consolation you’d need closer to 50W per sq/ft from sodium to get the same results. Dealing with the heat and cost of running 5000W of HPS fixtures in a tent could be a challenge :grin:

You could always consider a smaller tent :wink: good luck with whatever you decide on dude.


Kingbrite on alibaba ships from china but if you can wait you’ll save some $$$.

They are knock off HLG boards, effectively the same product.


I looked into them a couple of years back, thought i’d test a couple of their boards. Prices seemed great until they got back with a handling/shipping quote that doubled the price. I got Solsticks instead, bit more expensive but good quality and racks spread the light way better than boards.


Well that’s a good size space so you will definitely have to see what footprint each light will cover of course. Mommoth led is a very good light. I think their 10 bar will flower 5 x 5 so you would need two. And I saw your question about yield and honestly these commercial led lights easily contend with hps and all that. Too many things factor into yield so I wont throw a number out there but you would produce great yields with my recommendation or any of these others from @Gpaw …however if you are on more of a budget…you could get 2 spider farmer 4000w lights and that would cover your 10 x 10 tent. Spider farmer is a great alternative to the more expensive commercial setups…imo

I have everything else done, what method would you suggest be the best DWC or flood and drain table ??? And what do you think about the lumatek zues 600 pro???

I know it’ll be a little pricey but I’m willing to spend a lil extra yo be able to come up with a product I can be proud of :+1:


Does anyone know anything about the Ai Growlight eg-x4 660 Led light, or the lumatek zues 600w??

started using a kingbow1000 earlier this year i believe its equal to 200hps, was good for veging a few plants then i switched to flowering with 1 plant, buds are fattening ok but not very sticky @ 31 days 12/12. i decided to try using led instead of hps and have ordered a mars3000, is supposed to cover 5x5 veging 4x4 flowering, i’m in the uk and the cheapest i found was from usa saving me £140, is due to be delivered around the 20th july, i’m in no hurry present grow wont be finished till next month

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I hope you have a big budget…i would say about $2500 for just bare minimum. You will definitely 2 lights or more and a couple 6" exhaust and carbon filters. Don’t forget dehumidifier and other fans to keep air moving.

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So right now im deciding between 4, Ai growlight EG-X4 660w’s and lumatek zues 600w pro’s (also waiting to see if there 1000w pro comes out), what do you think??