Any Canadians want to make a trade?

AnyCanadiansthat want to trade? I have some photo period God’s Green Crack (GGC) & I have some snoops dream seeds. The snoops dream I haven’t grown yet. So idk if their autos or photos and they actually came from an Oz I ordered from so their pretty decent on genetics. However… Idk what that female went through. I’m just being honest to you guys! But the seeds look very healthy. Let me know.


Your link doesn’t work for some reason buddy.


Oh, my bad. I didn’t actually put a link in there. It’s actually invite only. They are reliable and great product. The price has went up recently. If you wanted to give me ur email I can invite you through my referral program.


I have so many seeds being the Canadian seed run distributor for OG, I dont really need to look else where lol, I have about 70 different strains atm waiting to start germinating. I was just curious what the snoop ones were made up of % wise indica and sativa.

If you are signing up for the seed runs PM me the address you want to use, and I will add it to my file :wink:

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