Anyone Dig my Drawing?

I was wondering if anyone likes my drawing?

I mean like it enough that if I was to have a little batch printed, would anyone like to purchase one?

You would be getting it right from the artist. :slight_smile: The black and white one most likely would not

cost much and if you are not happy with the lettering and just want the figures I could do that.

I added the lettering last night. I think it’s cool but you may not and just prefer the figures.

I don’t know so I am asking.:slight_smile: Thanks, Guys & Gals.


Love your drawings brother, great job.
If the colored one was a sticker, I’d rock that in my tent.


:Ya I don’t like to run my drawing program same time as my internet being open and I am a terrible speller i will go back and fix it now that I know,thank you and I am not surprised this is very typical of me, misssplelling. Just so you know if you want it spelt right that is a custom charge : . oh and there is no actually joint it’s a rolling paper , I have a version i make it a little transparent. For shirts I need a solid one color I was thinking and now esp you said it or it didn’t read well to you a little bong running. Thank you for your thoughts.

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Seems like your having and issue with the coloring, lol Diarrhea really? lol Perhaps more light reflection on the front of the leg. The bend you dislike may be the lines drawn in the art stander-ed running posses template I worked with, so its definitely not the shape,shape is fine like I said temp plate. I am not particularly confident in color or lighting, never was… The joint you drew is kind of phallic due to the lack of narrowing at the base/filter so ya know, I did like a version I had when the paper was slightly see through. I want a bong version , think you can draw a bong instead of a joint? I am working on that spelling fix, the lettering and original characters are not on the same file it’s a file mess of versions.

Trust me if I put this in front of trained people they would tear appart my art choices lol

Trust me, I’m a self taught artist, free hand and mess with different digital arts and photography.

I really love your art you posted here. Its perfect man, show this to a stoner and they would give ya :+1:


I like this sticker, poster idea …first I thought shirts but most weed clothes are tacky regardless how fun. I am looking into those right now, thanks for the idea!