Anyone want to trade some beans?

I have some (East Coast Sour Diesel X Exodus Cheese)X Purple Skunk F1s if anyone is interested in a trade.


Here is a picture of the mother.


What are you looking for? Anything specific?


I have a few things I can trade for those genetics.
What kinds of strains interest you?


Same as above :point_up:
Happy growing,

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I’m down to trade you. I have some regular BBW seeds. It’s a cross between blue widow (female) bud bud (male)

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I’m also down for a trade. I have a few different strains available.

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Nothing specific, I just like to pheno hunt and breed good genetics. I do like Skunky and Fuel smelling strains.

What do you have? I like to grow new genetics and pheno hunt. And when I find something I love, I breed it. Lol

I’m definitely interested in a trade. What are youlooking for? I have some God’s Green Crack (GGC) & some Snoops Dream seeds I can spare quite afew of!!! I do some others though if those don’t interest you!

I have some golden cookies, tangcicle/cookies, darkstar/purple kush, darkstar/ pure indica, gorilla breath/ pure indica and some Afghan kush I pollinated with a spotted lime auto. I have plenty of all and am willing even to just give you some. My buddy is having awesome results with the darkstar/pure indica.


JBow hit me up on private message bro. I think your right close to me.

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So how do we do the transaction I’m ready

I’m down to trade I got some very nice sativa BBW. Blueberry widow (Female) x big bud (male)

Hey bro. I got you. I had a larger than expected group wanting to trade, so it’ll have to be next weekend. I’ve got 6 packages going out on Saturday, send me your address and I can get you sent out by next Saturday. Are you in the US?

Hey what’s growin on everyone!
I was wondering if anyone can help me find an old friend :grin: her name is Orange Crush :tangerine: does anyone know somebody with these seeds I want them for a preservation project and then XB them, Any help with this will be generously rewarded with seeds that come out of the preservation project or XBreeding results