ISO Orange Crush 🍊 seeds

What’s Growin On Everyone,
I’m new here and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction? On on the hunt for a specific strain called Orange Crush :tangerine:,does anyone know if and or who might have some of these seeds any help would be gratefully appreciated and rewarded with seeds from me and the breeding program I’m going to use this strain in!


You in the Midwest region? If so, it’s an old clone. I used to see it 15+ years ago, occasionally.

Haven’t seen any seeds, even crosses of it.


I’m From Los Angeles CA, only place I see it is twisty seeds in Oklahoma, I’ve jammed them up to see if they will ever be in stock again but no answer yet…I was hoping maybe someone might have some in their seed vault

I’m looking for a specific pheno that produces a smell of old library book, or baby poo…this is one of those strains that give me both Strong :muscle: Sativa and Indica effects at the same time with a nice warming sensation behind the eyes and also the couch lock/ bedtime smoke if that makes sense


I could be mistaken but I think riot seeds had it. Not sure


Thanks I’ll check them out
Checked them out looks like they are making a new version of it called Orange Crush 2019 :man_shrugging:t2: Might be a good start but no cigar yet! Lol thanks for the leed tho


At least you have a name for the strain that suits you perfectly. It’s getting to the point where I’m pheno hunting seed banks trying to find the right hashplant that I grew for almost a decade.
Good luck with your hunt, hopefully it doesn’t take years to find.


Thanks bro…ya I mean having the name is half the battle but as soon as I get it the true pheno hunt will be on. I got a couple buddies that can help with the hunt and as I’m hunting I’ll definitely be giving out seeds here for people to grow out…well whoever is interested at least :muscle:

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Well since you’re going through all of this to find , I might as well sign up now for a lookski

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You got it bro! Happy hunting :call_me_hand:t3: