Australian Trading Post 2.0

G’day everyone!

Thought I’d start a new Aus trading thread so I can get to know all the other ozzies around the place. Maybe get a few trades going here and there :wink:

Hope everyone is having a good one :thumbsup:


Gday mate, I think there is a few of us around…I haven’t been on here long. Since about June. Cheers


@ozzie Welcome mate! I pretty much just joined up, heard about this place from a friend. Thought I’d wait for a few more people to join the thread before we start talking about trading. If you/anyone else is keen for trading early on (even now) just post what you have available :thumbsup: I’ll make a list of what I have to trade soonish.


Yo! another Aussie here. Was on OG back in its initial days before it was shut down then revived. Just got back on myself about 3 weeks ago. Welcome.


Welcome mate! I wasn’t around back then but I’m here now haha. Good to see more people showing up on the thread :thumbsup:

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I’m late to the party, again :wink:

Haven’t got anything for trade yet, only just got my first lot of seeds last week. Currently growing bag seed and ironing out wrinkles in the tent before i put the knowns in. Probably 6+ months all going well and i might have something to offer.

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Welcome @Jay :slight_smile: don’t stress about what you have to trade. This thread is for anyone who has seeds to trade/gift when they feel like it. No pressure at all. Take your time and post what you have when you have enough to trade :thumbsup:

Cheers @Night4wings20 I’ve just popped 4 out of 5 of a GDP Blast regular autos (GDP auto x Blueberry auto). I’m hoping for boys and girls, so i can cross and get some known genetic seeds, but i’m not 100% sure how that’ll turn out. Seeds themselves left a fair bit to be desired (unripe, small and pale) but i’ll cross the best with the best and see what their kids turn out like. I’ve got some bagseed available, but really need to hod them for a just incase scenario. I’ve bookmarked this thread, so when the situation changes i’ll let everyone know.
Hears hoping the weather can get a little bit consistent!

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No worries @Jay Sounds great mate! I’ve had both those strains and they are both outstanding by themselves, should be really nice smoke when they’re done :slight_smile: Fingers crossed you can get both boys and girls for seed making, you could always use the colloidal silver method to force a female into a male if you get no males to breed with. See how you go mate, never know what those seeds can do.

Too easy mate, looking forward to what you have in store :thumbsup:

I know right, it’s been really humid where I am. The outdoor season has been really good for the northern hemisphere so hopefully it’s the same for us southerners!

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Hi all and @Night4wings20 , another fellow Aussie here, nothing to trade as of this moment, but hopefully soon

Cheers Johnny


Welcome @Johnnybsmokin

No worries mate, just post a comment with what you have when you have it :smiley:

Have a good one

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Gday. At the moment I’m growing
Dream lotus
More cowbell
Dank Sinatra
Josh dog og
Sour power og
Strawberry glue
Grape og
Darkstar and a few other strains. I usually give away seeds on rollitup. But if you guys are still here around April then I’ll give you guys some strains.


Thanks for the welcome @Night4wings20, it’s nice to see a few fellow Aussies about.

That’s quite a list you have going there @Billybob and a very generous offer as well come April next year. I’ve not heard off alot of your selection , some interesting research coming up I think.
Cheers Johnny

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Not an Aussie, sorry for the intrusion, but I would like to ask you guys if still around that Australian Bastard Cannabis? I know there’s a guy in IG doing repro but I’m want to read your opinion guys

Thanks for your time :pray:


Welcome @Billybob. That is quite the list there mate. Hope you are having fun with all that :slight_smile:

I’ll still be kicking around the joint in April. I’m hoping the number of Australian members increase over time so we can get our own little community going :thumbsup:

@Johnnybsmokin Yeah it is nice to see more ozzies around the place. We’re a rare breed around these US/Canadian forums but we’re here :slight_smile:


hey man also want to know what strains other ozzys hyping on im liking the hype of the mephesto gear

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keep us updated its a decent bohdi run im doin mephesto if up 4 trades ?

Mostly landraces/heirlooms for me @casperdeigh

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Should have something to trade in 6 months-1 year.

Mostly looking for landraces or heirloom strains grown in Australia or southern hemisphere. If anyone has what I want let me know through a PM or here and we can sought something out later on in the year :slight_smile:

Hey all. I am oz based as well and have a reasonable stash of genetics.