Auto-closing trading topics?

Maybe we could implement auto-closing topics in #trading-post that are older than say 6 months… Some topics constantly keep coming back and they are no longer relevant.

What do you think about this idea? It would be based on time of last reply.


I personally do NOT have any posts in that particular forum, but I am NOT opposed to a theory of outdated data being closed/deleted…I apologize Joe, if this isn’t what your OP was referring to. I do know that server space is FINITE and so methodology being in place to eliminate wasted space would certainly NOT be opposed by this member! Thanks!


Just to be clear when the data are just text based (and not some large hi-res photos) I don’t mind hosting them forever :slight_smile:

Main reason for me is that closing old topics allows people to focus on new and relevant topics and that can bring new replies where they matters…

Closed topics also won’t appear in “Suggested topics”.


Makes total sense, that logic! Thanks for the explanation…I would think that topics that are so old are probably not very relevant anymore anyways, if its in reference to a trade or sale or whatnot


I like the idea. Keeps information fresh and stops people from replying to post that are really old, or having to read a lot of old information. Just my 2 cents


Good idea. Much more practical and effective

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While you’re at it, can you stop the system from automatically bumping old topics?


Sounds great. I dislike getting halfway through something to find its from 2018. And, no longer relevant/available. Yet, still a lot of gold in old posts.


I think this is a great idea. The trading threads aren’t like other topics that may contain info some growers may need. It’s literally just about trades. Also save people from getting trade offers for stuff they haven’t had in years.

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Was gonna mention that too… If noone has posted in a thread for two years then the system will bump it and put something that is very possibly irrelevant (since noone has posted in the thread for whatever reason for two years or whatever time limit) back into the ether.


Getting rid of old preservation runs or closing the threads to the ones that are done so it’s easier to tell which are active

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OK. I’ll set auto close on 6 months for #trading-post.

Bumping old topics is disabled now. I’ve only experimented with it. Probably this would be good approach for redacted categories or tidying up a category. It could help bring us attention to old topics and either decide close them as irrelevant or follow up on them.

In case of preservation runs I’d prefer OPs to close their topics at the time it is finished. But I can set auto close in #breeders-lab:seed-runs-co-op on 6 months too…


I am tempted to ask for/create a “classic threads” thread. I read the Mia thread early on and learned a boatload about The ethics, expectations, personalities and procedures followed were all eye-opening.
Glad I saw it. Don’t know how I would have without server bump or new reply.