Auto’s for trade bb x Fpog

Looking for some (Romulan) photo’s
Also have some Masonic Wilson crosses if not into auto’s
I will trade for photo.’s are far price

Little information on beans
basically took the FPOG back towards the blueberry. The mother of the FPOG was the mother of the Cascadian BB…theyre sister plants. The FPOG was bred for people with height restrictions and/or who wanted to do SOG grows. The Cascadian BB was taken by a different pollen line to take it towars plants that would stack and put on size.

This is the mother of both:
Mendel’s Original BB auto = (DJ Short Blueberry x Blueberry Auto)
So this is them enjoy
Mendel’s Cascadian Blueberry Auto Fem (DJ Short Blueberry x Blueberry Auto x Big Bud Auto{Sensi Seeds}) ~ Mom
Mendel’s Fruity Pebble‘s OG ~Dad


Bird’s Blue Pebbles


Any pics mate? Height or flowering times?

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Any pics mate? Height or flowering times?

75-100 +-



I got a few caa x rom x Jesus og seeds I can send your way if that ticks your box, sorry it’s not pure rom

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What’s caa many Thanks

Sorry I read it wrong c99 x romberry x Jesus og.
Took me a while as I had to ask who I got it from


Thanks for the trade