Beginning grower needing some advice on equipment

they run on 110/220, light HPS/MH bulbs, dim 400/600/1000/super lumen (1100) watts

and has active cooling fans

peace and stay free



I have sent the seller all the good questions you have given me. If I hear back from him with answers, I will post them here. When I first inquired about the 2 lights, the seller seemed a little frustrated they are not selling. His response was $175 for the 1000 watt and he would give me the 400 watt. In the mean time, back to searching for the items you guys have suggested. Thanks again.

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Lots of good advise from everybody . Just wondering if you have priced out new lights etc. Lots of options with new stuff and maybe less headaches . :smiley:


Hey Flyod. I have looked at some things, along with looking at the threads on here. Just so much out there now. Can be a little overwhelming when you are new. I had seen where a couple others had purchased set ups on the used market and had success. Just do not know what is good or fair deal. I may be going new since I have not heard back from the seller on the questions, and save a lot of possible headaches.

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Would this be a good starter for a beginner?


Check out this thread to learn everything you’d ever want to about LEDs and particularly building your own on the cheap:

I’m old school and still rocking HPS/MH here, but to be honest I’d switch to LED in a second if I didn’t have all this equipment laying around. In my veg room I’m using these 7 in 1 fixtures with dollar store 15w LEDs and they are absolutely amazing:

With the fixture, bulbs and wiring parts you shouldn’t be in for more than maybe $50 or so per fixture and they can cover a 2x2 or even more no problem.

That leaves you $125 for a bud light which I think is within range for the strips in the thread above.

A few other things to consider: LEDs will use half or less of the power, so over time that will add up. Running a 1000w on 12/12 adds like $40 bucks a month to your bill where I’m at (I believe), so saving $20/mo will add up pretty quickly. Also they’ll last for years, whereas you’ll want to replace hps bulbs roughly every year…more savings there. And lastly less heat (1000w HPS makes a TON of heat) and a more complete spectrum which will equal better product and possibly higher yields.


Thanks a lot beacher. I was reading through that thread. I really appreciate the link and information on the lights. Seems LED is the way to go.


I was also going to suggest DIY . I would go that route now if I was going to change it up .


I found this light looking around. Any thoughts? One concern I had was the recommendation that you let it rest for 20 minutes after 7 to 8 hours of consecutive use.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

so would I, from reading about LEDS

it is where you get the best bang for your buck…DIY

all the best



The fact it has that line:

“Tips for increasing lifespan: please let the light have a rest for about 20 mins after 7-8 hours working.”

tells me that it doesnt really get the >50,000 hours it is meant to and has heat problems. Definately do not buy that as you will need to run it for 18-24 hours continuously to make sure it stays in veg cycle and 12 hours in flower means it would probably have heat issues. A light should be designed so that it can run 24/7 and not build up heat past a point where it will damage itself. You will not get a powerful light for that price but you should still be able to pick up something that wont blow up :slight_smile:


@Old-Ron, I am not putting my name to it as I would never buy a light that cheap but if you are going to spend that much then I would expect you would have a better experience buying one of these from Mars:

As far as cheap lights go I think Mars might be one of the better ones. That one you were looking at states 1200W but it is definitely not 1200W. They often outright lie about it as it was initially meant to mean equivalent to a 1200W HPS light which that definitely wont be. Mars state their light will do a 2x2 area but it is only 90W so as far as good quality product goes it will probably only light about a 1.5x1.5 area. If it was in a tight and light sealed cabinet that was not very tall then you would be able to cover a 2x2 area well. You can always use it to light up larger areas but the rigorous growth you are probably wanting will start to drop off.

PS: And working around/under a white light is far nicer, easier on the eyes and easier to see the plant to identify issues like disease and pests than a blurple.

Oh and yeah, what @dequilo said. If you feel you are handy enough and have the tools to build one yourself you will get plenty of advice and guidance from people on this forum. You will definitely get the best bang for your buck. And the thread that @beacher pointed you to will be the best one for help. I had a bigger budget but I still built my own to get the better bang for buck and it is very satisfying if you like that sort of thing.


So I got very lucky today. I found a seller of equipment that was motivated to sell since he was moving. I got a 4 x 8 Vivosun tent, along with a Secret Jardin DS120 4 x 4 tent. Grow light, it needs a bulb, 3 exhaust fans, carbon filter, 2 clip on fans, along with all the other accessories you see. paid $150 for it all. I think I did OK on this. :smiley: Of course I will have lots of questions and appreciate all the help. Suggestions on a bulb until I build my LED lights.


That’s a steal. That doesn’t even cover the big tent new.

Throw some lights in there and your cooking. Did the ph pen come with calibration solution? Make sure that’s correct!


Thanks MidwestMover. It did come with the PH calibration solution. I was watching some youtube videos on it. For the time being I ordered a 600w bulb until I do the leds. I hope to have it up and running by Sunday.


you lucky bastard… i just payed a grand for less than you got…

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Thanks pux. I was really one very lucky bastard. :smiley:

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Damn!!! A good ph pen new is half of what you just paid!!!

I was browsing CO craigslist Colorado Springs area for grow equipment. If I had chance to do over I would have scooped up a deal out there. And I’m about 16-18 hrs away. Someone was ridding 8 1k watt lights and hoods everything he had for $600.

If I take a vacation there, I’ll def find that something I’ve been wanting for cheap.

Nice haul @Old-Ron

Damn homie got the hook-up for real just get a bulb off Amazon I would grab one of those two packs Amazon is good for and you will be set for a long while equipment wise and that’s normally the expensive part

As a beginner I would suggest going with as simple of a set-up as possible search around on here for the urban farms/Jack’s feeding regiment that the octopot guys are using it’s very simple and very cheap I just switched over to it

Look forward to watching you grow with us :grin: