What kind of GROW lights are you using?

I’m curious as to “watt” everybody is using (right NOW as your reading this) for their grow lights?
I’m actually in Ontario, Canada and I’m running ALL Viparspectra lights! (Have to say I love em) I have a Viparspectra R900 & 2- V300’s. I honestly can say… I have no complaints! And obviously you can NEVER go wrong with that! So anyways, Im curious to hear “watt” everyone is running for lights! Let me know everyone.


have used hps and metal halide for years, this year i started to get interested in led. i started with a kingbo600 it did good veging the plants then i decided to flower 1 plant with it, 3/4 through the grow i’m well impressed, the plant is in a small space in a room with no extractor or inlet, it was just a test and its a winner. i then decided buy a light that will grow my normal 6 plants and went for mars hydro ts3000, it arrived last week but i need wait another 4 weeks till present grow finishes, i cant wait see it in action and end result


I use a 1000w spider farmer led and will probably use them for the 4000w I get most likely. Been thinking about getting a more commercial led for my 5x5 when I get it up and goin


For my first indoor grow which i just harvested a week or 2 ago i used a cheap Amazon LED, called
Noah-s, they call it 1000 watt but honestly I think its more like 100-125 ish watts but never tested it. It is currently hanging above some week old seedlings, i have a good upgrade in the works which i will hopefully have done this coming week.

I don’t regret buying it though because it’s going to be good for seedlings or if i decide to keep a mother plant or even a back up if a light failed it would definitely be better than nothing… it definitely taught me alot starting out with a cheap light.


I am a big fan of QB LEDs myself - but very interested to see what everyone here is using!
Maybe we could make a poll with the general categories. I like numbers…

Like HPS, blurple, CFL, LED strips, QB’s…


I use an electric sky 180 in my 2x4 and it is perfect for my grow area. Grows nice frosty buds and can get close to 1 g/w


I use a 600w HID for flower and TS1000 150W LED for veg. I was considering getting an LED for flowering but now am not so sure. I’ll see.


im running 2 Hlg qb96 in a 3x3 prob pushing 350 360 watts


I use a t5 for starting plants, then uppot and put them under 2 600 watt mh. Once done vegging they are moved under a 1000 watt hps. I can’t remember the name of the ballasts for the 600 mh lights. But the 1000 hps is solistek dimmable digital.


Spider farmer sf4000


315cmh and COBs to date. LED’s are calling my name. lol

Currently resisting the urge to lean on Mr. Sparkle and others to consult with me on a “hybrid” build. 315cmh - surrounded by strips.


I’ve got two Spider Farmer SF2000 lights in a 5x5. They are the equivalent of a single SF4000 as far as light production. Having two allows me to hang them a bit apart to better illuminate the edges of the tent, and I can run at two different heights when the plants aren’t uniform. It’s also nice to know that if one light fails, the plants will still get light from the other one instead of falling into complete darkness.

In my 4x8 tent, I keep clones and seedlings under a T5, but the majority of the tent is lit (that should probably be capitalized: LIT!!!) by a Fluence SPYDRx Plus. It’s a crazy light, and one I would have never acquired for myself (due to the price, not the performance!) had it not come to me through friends. I’ve grown one crop under them, and just trimmed the first two plants today. These were autoflowers and one yielded 4.5 ounces and the other will weigh more than 5. I think they were happy :slight_smile:


I use a 400w MH for Veg and 600w hps for flower.


I have 2 sets of Vero 18 COBs, 6 of the newer 3000k for flower that I run at 150w and 4 of the older ones for my veg tent, 2-3000k n 2-4000k that I run at a total of 100w.
Both areas are 2x2 and I have the option and ability to run both higher but found these to be the best light levels for my grow. The flower can go to 210w and veg can be pushed to 132w but at those levels it causes light stress issues.


In a 2*2 did nice


I’m right there with ya @PotentChronic, I have a ViparSpectra as one of my lights in my veg tent. It is the PAR450. I have only had it for about 12 months so I cant say anything to its longevity but I have been really happy with it so far. As you say, no complaints. I also have a DIY light i built from no name LED strips to go with the PAR450 in the veg tent. I have another DIY built 650ish watt (890ish watt running around 70%) Solstrip light in my flower tent. Pretty damn happy with that.


right now I am using a couple 1000 watt Chinese dimmable ballasts

with a couple 1000 watt single ended HPS/MH bulbs hung vertical

with no reflectors

but I also use them with double ended bulbs with reflectors horizontal

600 and 1000 watt

I have been following the LED build thread and hope to do a DYI LED soon

all the best


outside I am using the Sun :slight_smile:


I’m using this Sunraise “1000w” led really 165w but I am just using it to veg some plants and it worked really well, doesn’t get super hot and I got 20 plants vegged easily much better than outdoors. I definitely want to upgrade to an SF4000


Right now I’m using this old CREE COB LED.


Like @ReikoX, for flower I’m also using a DIY COB LED based on 8x Cree CXB 3590s in 3500k. Two HLG-185H-C1400B drivers run four of the COBs at around 50w per COB, passively cooled. That’s about 430w at the wall in a 4x4 when they work right. They’re 5 years old and I’ve had to replace both drivers under warranty.

For veg I use a DIY strip build featuring Bridgelux EB2 strips in 3500k, also using MeanWell drivers.