Auto Training 101

How can you make your autos bush out without topping or fimming them and stunting their growth.Here is how i make my autos bush out.

This grow is being done as a ghetto cheap as grow.2 toly burple lights advertised to replace a 1000w hps🤣
The grow cabinet is a stackable plastic 4 tier shelf 2ft w x 3ft l x 42in h for now with the option to raise the lights another 21in if needed .It is wrapped in shiny side in renyolds tin foil.The plants are being grown in dollorama fabric bags that hold 5+gal of premium promix soil at a cost of 25cent each.Getting great results so far on the ghetto grow.It is in my livingroom and they are under 18/6 light cycle.

So i have been getting asked about doing a tutorial on training a plant…For this tutorial i will be using an auto fem Northern Lights.All i am using to train this plant is paper clips,leaf tucking and selective leaf pruning.On photoperiods i would usually fim the plant at the 6th node and then start to train from there.

I like to use vinyl coated paper clips.I open then to an S and to a straight hook.

So here we go.Seeds were soaked on September22/20

At the 3rd node i take the straight open clips and pin down the leaves to open up the inner nodes.As each new set of leaves open and grow i angle them to an open area and pin them down.

You can see the inner nodes starting to grow out now

Now the plant is really starting to bush out,being an auto you do not want to top it.

As you can see we are running out of open spots to pin down or tuck leaves without blocking an inner node.So now i do my first selective leaf prune and remove the biggest set at the top of the plant.

A day or 2 after pruning a set of leaves and the plant has filled in again.

So lets remove our 2nd set of fan leaves,the biggest set at the top blocking out the lower part of the plant.

A couple of days later and the plant is bushing like crazy again.

Now we can pin down all the lower inner nodes that have been growing great since we opened up the plant and tucked and pruned leaves.

2 days later we can see the results as the main tip grows higher as the lower inner node branches really start to fill out nice.As we pin the lower branches down in open areas now opening up the inner nodes of the lower branches to fill in.

Now our main tip is high enough that its time to bend it over and let the lower growth branches catch up.So now i release the bottom branches to grow up even to the main tip now tied down.

Now daily we will keep pulling the main tip over,as we tuck bigger fan leaves and do selective pruning of any big leaves that cannot be tucked,that block light to inner nodes and lower branches.You will also want to reposition lower branches always trying to give them as much light as possible

The bottom branches untied are now all turning up and filling nicely.

A few days later and now its time to tie all the branches down again.

Now at day 35 from seed soak and the buds are starting to form nicely.

Now we reach tonight 36days from seed soak and the auto fem Northern Lights under 18/6 light is flowering nicely with tons of branches to make nice colas.

Tomorrow the plant will look different again.I will doing some leaf pruning and branch repositioning later tonight and will take pics of what i do.


So day 37 from soaking seeds and the girl just keeps filling in as her bud sites are starting to form

So i repositioned branches,tucked whatever big fan leaves i could and pruned about 15 leaves to open up the bud sites to more light.I will do this daily for another 6days .

In a week it will be the 3rd week of floweing at which time i will do a final prune and clean up and reposition the branches again to maximize lighting the whole plant.

12 hrs after the latest training,tucking and pruning
Ty-DoSpread is really starting to show the benifits of training.At least a dozen main colas starting to form and stack at 2weeks into flowering…The other plant is also an auto fem Northern Light named Ripped as i accidently ripped her taproot in half as a week old seedling.She roared back to life and would be even bigger than her sister.She is a week behind flowering because of it.



The 2 girls together

Day 40 coming along nicely.After being left alone 2 days to do their thing

,they were ready for more training,tucking and selective leaf pruning.A side view of how the branches have bent and turned.

By bending down and away from the main stock along with tucking all big fan leaves we can with out blocking a node space,and pruning select big ones that could not be tucked away.We have let all the inner nodes turn and surge up.The over head pics show how much the inner nodes have grown up and filled the canopy again.

So its time again to reposition our tie downs and pull all the big outer branches away from the center again.After tucking all the big fan leaves i could.I removed about 8 leaves that were blocking the inner chutes.Then i started tying the biggest inner chutes out and away from the center.Again tucking whater ever leaves i could and removing a few that blocked nodes.The chutes closest to the main stem are now free to surge up and fill in the plant again.I also twisted and bent a few chutes to open areas.

An over head view after finishing

Ty-DoSpread back under the light.Ready to fill in again.

Her Sister Ripped wanted to be included today she is also 40days from seed soak and under going the same routine

The 2 girls all tied and cleaned back under the lights to explode in growth again.

So its 3hrs later and the center and inner branches are all oriented up to the light already.I made a few minor adjustments to the outer branches and clipped a couple more leaves so that all the inner branches have a chance to catch up.

I did the same thing to the lady to.Both together.I will check again in 5 or 6hrs and see how they are and make adjustments if needed.

Now day 42 and the 2 girls are really shaping up nicely from the last session 2days ago

Ty-DoSpread the main girl featured for this thread

Ripped her sister who had her taproot ripped in half at a week old.Cannot believe how well she recovered especially being an auto.No doubt she would have been the bigger of the 2 if not for that set back.

I pulled both girls out today for a hair cut and clean up.

I went in through the plant and removed all the new little node branches growing but leaving the fan leaves on the bottom half of the plant and removed any small node branches to open up the plant and direct the growth to the main tips.

The girls back under the lights after their beauty session at Smkn’s Plant Spa



As floweing is kicking up.I will now be just leaf tucking and removing any small nodes that will not amount to anything the rest of this week.Its time now to generate all the plants energy to the main bud sites growth for big fat thick juicy colas of buds.

DAY 43 From Seed Soak

Mother Nature in all her glory had decieded starting today for the next week with be warm sunny weather.Having a sheltered balcony facing south its perfect weather to let the 2 girls bask naked in the lovely sunshine.I put a thermometer between the bags and at 9am they are basking in full sun at 70f.Even better to show them off in the natural sunlight.

Ty-DoSpread this lovely voluptious lady has been a true pleasure to grow.No muss no fuss.She popped out the soil and never hesitated.Super easy to grow.So lets take a peek at her frolicking naked in the sunshine.

This girls not shy wanting to show of her goodies and sweet spot.

Now she is just being down right naughty,wanting to show off how much she likes being tied and spread open.

Ripped her sister jumps right in and says no foreplay look how i like to be tied and spread open.My only regret with this girl is ripping her taproot in half at a week old.I sill awe struck that she has grown to what she has and saddened that i do not get to harness her full potential.

Ripped budding

The 2 ladies loving being naked soaking up the sun.

And with the balcony shelter and the sun blazing at 9:35am its balmy for Nov 4th


We are now at day 46 from seed soak and moving nicely in to flower.From here on out we will do very minimal training and almost no pruning…This week we have been blessed with beautiful sunny warm weather.At 730am on my south facing balcony its 72f already.I am getting the plants a solid 7hrs of direct sunlight a day till Wednesday.I have opened the plants up a bit to take advantage of it.

Pretty well all i will do now is remove any new tiny chutes and bud sites growing.We want to focus all the plants energy to all the main chutes bud sites we have established to form nice big thick colas.


@Gpaw who was nice enough to donate the 2 fem auto N.L seeds for this grow was kind enough to let me borrow some of his images so you can see a comparisson of what the plants grow like naturally to how they grow when trained…

Gpaws plants
As you can see the N.L wanted to grow one main cola with some secondary branching colas

Now we can see how much training alters the structure of the plants.
The girls are loving these late November days of sunshine.Modified them open to let the sun and lights fully penetrate.Now at day 52 from seed soak and about 25days into flower give or take a couple of days.

Ripped has come on nicely with the training she has 12 main colas and will produce nicely

Ty-DoSpread is a little beast.With the training regiment she has 20 main cola branches and should yield a large return

Now i am using a combination of paper clips and string.I no longer want to pull branches down i only want to spread the branches open to let the light fully penetrate the whole plant…

As you can see we have really changed the plants structure,trading one main cola for an almost uniform canopy of colas…It will be intresting to compare the yield of the plants natural vs trained.

Well its 2 days later and weather has taken a nasty turn,Sunday had 120km/hr winds and today they are 60km/hr and a balmy 0c …Indoors for 2days under the burple led and we have the plants filling nicely.I re adjusted some of the tie downs to keep the 2 plants opened up and removed a few leaves that were blocking light to bud sites.

As you can see we have made a fully canopy of bud branches that fill almost 6ft sq with 2 plants.I will continue to adjust branches to keep the plant as open as possible in the area and remove any big leaves that cannot be tucked away.We have created alot of branches that will have big fat dense colas.

It is now day 60 from seed soak.The colas are starting to fill and thicken.Being an auto i am guessing its hitting the 5week mark since Ty-DoSpread started throwing out pistils.

Ty-DoSpread rubbing her stem or touching her buds leaves a stench of a mix of aroma between lemon pledge and pinesol cleaner.It makes you shake your head when you smell in an offensive way yet cannot help but want to taste her.

Ripped is a perfect example of not giving up on a runt.Having ripped her taproot in half as a week old seedling she really stunted and suffered for it.She lagged about 2 weeks behind her sister in growth but came back with a vengence…Rubbing her stems and moving her colas she has a more sweet fruity cleanser aroma to her.Definitely 2 different phenos aroma wise from this seed lot.

Some colas from the 2 N.L girls

I will pull the plants out in a day or two to get some nicer pics…For growing in my livingroom under 2 cheap 100w toly led lights in a 22" x 32" rack wrapped in renyolds tinfoil i am thrilled with the results .Also be excited that over the next 2 weeks i will have room under my 1000w hps and can fully open them up and finish them under the big light…


I made the first 5 posts to keep the entire training session at the top of the page.The seeds were soaked Sept 22/20 and are 36 days old today.If not for the kindness of @Gpaw for gifting me the 2 auto fem Northern Lights this thread would not be happening.

And to my lil bro @Mongobongo not quite like the outdoor growing low thread on the old OG but here ya go


Well, chair and bowl in hand, here I am.


My auto was getting tall, but had lots of lower branches I wanted to bud out…I just bent it over hoping it’ll look like some of the photos I’ve seen. People make autos look friggin serious these days. Fingers crossed.


Glad you joined the show @theomegajedi and nice to me you.We will do our best to entertain you :rofl:

By all means anyone is welcome to add their thoughts,tips,tricks and pics to showcase what they do.


Bend that main tip over and slow take it down more each day for a week,giving the bottom branches a chance to shoot up.Just bend the main tip a little at a do not want to snap it.I usually give it a slight bend then work out towards the main tip having it tied down in a couple of spots.


I am going to do this with my autos! Bookmarked


Thats pretty much identical to what I do when I’ve grown autos too… except I’m greasy and use metal coat hangers lol


Wow, looking g really great.

Excited to see the progress! :v::peace_symbol:


Excellent LST tutorial! I Like it. It’s sort of scrog without the screen :slight_smile:

I have FIM’ed and/or topped several autos now. It does seem to slow them a little but not all that bad. Still, Im going to try to avoid that in the future - mostly to save on growing time.

I almost always do a scrog, and I start early, like you do, by just bending the plant over and forcing it to grow sideways - keeping it under the screen. Each time it throws out a new side branch, it too gets forced sideways under the screen. That continues until flowering is well under way. Then I allow all the branches to go vertical. You dont have as much time with autos as you do with photo’s, but you can still increase yield considerably by doing this.

Well done!


Very very informative ty

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Great thread I will be watching to see how it goes, I need some auto training knowledge :+1:

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Very nice detailed share there man. Excellent form of LST work. Grew autos for years and killed it. I found the secret was, starting them in 1gal nursery pots until they sex, then up pot them to 3gal felt pots and got 3ft autos. Try it bro…
You do good work man…


I do things a very similar way when I’m doing LST with my autos. Awesome results. Going to keep watching this thread :slight_smile:


Welcome to Overgrow @kushdaddy ! Centuries of experience and knowledge among the members here. Helpful friendly peeps!


Glad you found it useful and nice to see ya my friend

Hey bro as you know from my indoor thread i love the ghetto creations,whatever is on hand and works is my motto

Nice to see ya nefrella and thanks for the nice words.We hope to entertain you and give you a worthy show.

Nice to see ya Larry.I agree,with autos i prefer to leave all growth tips and just leaf prune as needed to avoid slowing any growth.

Nice to see you potdaddy and glad you find it informative.That is the main goal to share my knowkedge and gain it from others.

Nice to see ya bro,glad i can be of use and inspire you to train those autos.If i can be of any assistance let me know.

Hey Carty nice to meet you.I planted my seeds right in 5gal fabric bags i got from Dollarama.I doubled up 2 bags at a cost of 50cents and the plants seem to love them.I also grabbed their large bags which makes a 10gal fabric pot at a cost of 70cents to double up the bags.

Nice to meet you Kushdaddy it is the best way to maximize our autos yield.thanks for following along.

Hey bro nice to see ya again.We are blessed to be on the best grow site on the planet and blessed to have a vast wealth of amazing growers here to share their knowledge and love of growing.

I updated edit 2 tonight and will update it daily for the next 6days.Have a great night or day OG


Hope you don’t mind, but I dug up some auto photos to share, some are Mephisto and others are just good stock…

auto ag

The early LST work made for many more budsites…