Beginning grower needing some advice on equipment

I am new to growing and am in my first grow ever, which I am doing outdoors currently. I want to start indoors soon. I have no equipment yet. I was offered these 2 lights for $175
*1000w Hps grow light w/ reflective shield and large tube for removing heat

*400 Metal Halide grow light w/reflective shield

Is this a good deal? Fair deal? I do not have much more information on them. I found them on Craigslist.

If I would get them, what size tent would you recommend? Any and all suggestions is appreciated.


I would say a 4x4 tent , 6" duct fan & carbon filter. Thats definitely a fair price assuming its not really old


Thanks Dank-D. Anything I should check on when I see them besides the obvious?


I would make sure they work and ask when the bulbs were last replaced. If it has been a while I’d offer a little less.


Great thanks. I figured making sure they worked, were not beat up and cords. Did not think of when the bulbs were replaced. I was planning on a 4 x 4 tent. Starting out, would you recommend to just have one tent for all, or should I get a smaller tent for veg cycle, then get a bigger one later for flowering? Thanks again for the time and information.


It’s definitely helpful to veg in 1 tent and flower in another. That way you can get set up for your next run a head of time. Its not necessary to have 2 tents but saves time and time is money

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what kind of ballast? what kind of bulbs do they run? single ended? double ended?

do they come with bulbs? how many hours?

new stuff can be bought cheap with a bit of searching

makes it easier to buy what you want/need instead of what someone is try to

get rid of

all the best



If the ballast is a old Chinese import they can get hot
I recommend you have a small fan blowing directly on it it will keep the damn thing cool and it will last longer
I ran mine for 5 years non stop
I used MH for veg and the 400 watt hps for flower great lights

The lights do heat up a tent make sure you have intake as well as exhaust fans also a small fan in the tent to circulate the air
Plus air movement directly on the plant makes the stems stronger

I do agree with @dequilo you may find something new 175 it it last is great if it all goes to hell in the middle of flowering then that may ruin your day :cry:


it all depends on what you buy some Chinese stuff is great

some is junk

have 4 old Lumatek purple ballasts that I ran for years

and keep running as they are select a watt not dimmable

they run HPS/MH single ended, double ended on 110/220 bought them off of fleabay

used years ago

shop, ask questions, post links you will get great help here from people that grow

and your money will go farther

all the best and be safe



All things I needed to know to ask. Thanks. If things do not seem right, then I need to pass. I will continue to search and see what is available, I just wanted to know good price ranges for reasonable used stuff. I would prefer to help someone else out, however it needs to be a good deal that is usable to me. Things have changed so much since the 70’s…lol


they sure can almost as hot as the fires of Hell :slight_smile:

I bought 4 new 1000 watt ballast with super lumen off the web

last year or the year before at 65 bucks US each shipped to the door

they have built in fans and have ran flaws for 1000s of hour

but it can be a crap shoot

good luck



truth to that

back when I moved inside after growing outside since around 1974

at the first OG 2001 I was so ignorant about indoor lighting (and still am :slight_smile: )

had a phototron

but I asked a shit ton of stupid question and many a kind member helped me

at that time people where taken security lights and making them run

Metal Halide bulb instead of Mercury Vapor

members like The Tick were putting up how tos showing folks how

to build their own reflectors

now drop all of it in a cart on the web, use paypal and your growing

indeed my bother times have changed :slight_smile:

be safe and stay well



Depending on your budget I know cheap is for me but sometimes we need to think about the future
If this is a one time grow then go cheap
If you in for the long hall then
Spend good money on lights and tent they will be the most expensive and the most necessary

I set a budget recently for lights ( led now ) I had two mars hydro at the time they were 175 each
To replace today even with a promo code was 225 each Chinese made
Well I’m in a better place still spent 404.00
On a new California lightworks 500 she’s a beast
There’s cheaper but this will produce and last a wile

Fans 6 in in-line i use cheap ones( 25 or 30 $ and replace every 12 to 18 months and I do fan maintenance every 3 months for safety ( fans can build up dirt and could cause a fire if not maintained)

A good carbon filter ( I spent about 60 $ on amazon ) I replace everything 4 grows ( not yet done but I keep one old one around just in case )

I recently had a fire ( Not in my grow room ) so I’ve purchased a fire ball for pice of mind


Thanks. I appreciate the advice. My plan is for the long haul, however with 4 special need kids, budget is a big thing. I was hoping to get something that was affordable for now, then upgrade as things progress. Reading about things, seems $500 to $700 is about a bottom line budget to get things started correctly?


Yeah what they said^^^not a bad proce but make sure to ask how old the equipment is, how much it has been used in that time and how many hours are on those bulbs. Other than that I’d say a 5x5 tent would be safe for that

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truth to that

two things I always have in my grow rooms

a fire extinguisher and a smoke detector

be safe



I’ve seen a work light in a stand converted like that a long long time ago was used as supplemental light for the side of a room


not hawking or endorsing anything

just an example

there are lots of ballast out there new for not much money

with some good features

peace and be safe



There bulbs are being slept on same thing with a brand called ipower there bulbs specs aren’t far from the top for a quarter the price

Just bought a pair of the vivosun 1000w super HPS bulbs from Amazon I think they were like 48 bucks for the pair :exploding_head: at prices like that its hard to pass on

Every piece of vivosun gear I have has been quality honestly


I have ran their 600 watt single ended bulbs for the price you can not beat them

I have used their 1000 watt double ended and they work for me as

well as the solistek bulbs

enjoy the day