Best coco or coco products

So I’m wondering what awesome coco stuff is out there?

Specific brands or blends?
Who likes big chunks?

Tell me your favorite coco products please


I used bricks for a while, but I actually don’t like those very much. I came back to coco and have really been enjoying Royal Gold Tupur. It’s a high percentage coco, but blended with perlite, basalt and I think a little peat. I have an automatic feed, so I like to add in some chunky perlite too.

Coco does really great with short wet/dry cycles if you can feed it frequently. If you mix it to 50:50 with perlite, you can really push the limits of small pots and large plants. You need to feed 4-6x per day at peak. You also have to really keep an eye on things during stretch because it ramps up quickly. Then you need to back off in the last few weeks, or you end up pushing too much water on the buds and cause botrytis. Small pots are pretty fickle, but fun to grow in.

If you don’t use enough perlite, roots can grow too densely and restrict drainage through the pot. 70:30 is a good general purpose ratio for medium and larger pots and hand feeding. I don’t like pure coco. I know it can work just fine, but I prefer more aeration.


I use this and love it. I put in around 30% perlite.

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Canadian Peat moss and Perlite. 50/50, 60/40, not a big deal. Lime, but forgot how much.

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@lefthandseeds , so what is a small pot to you? I ran 2s and 3s this time. Unless the last 3 plants say otherwise, I like the plants in 2s better. Might be strain, so not a fair comparison.
Using Lucas feeds, it was watering twice most days.


I’m currently using char coir compressed cube that have already been buffered. First flower run with them but so far so good. They don’t have problems with as much gnats as other brands I’ve used. Smells great lol.


I’ve used 4” square pots quite a bit (maybe about 1-1.5qt) down to pots that are about a pint (too small!). The 6” square pots are about a half gallon I think, and those are a pretty nice ‘small’ size. Anything about 1 gallon or less will probably put you above 3 feeds/day for most strains.

In general, I wouldn’t recommend going lower than a half gallon unless you really want to try and push it. Feeds get tricky when you go too small, but the plants can handle it if you want to try and dial it in.


I mean it was gonna make the list, right?
Yeah the canna is good?
What’s good about it?(I’ve never been able to afford it so really don’t know why it’s better)

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advanced nutrients make specific coco nutrients there are also a few others But at present they “slipped” my mind (old age, clouded memory take your pick !!) Aurora Roots has whole line of coco and nutrients speciific to coco. have used “Roots” with great results BUT one needs to flush when the end is near

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Good info. Likely 2 gallon coming up, think I have plenty.


I work for a friend (from all the way back in the last millennia when we were in high-school) at a garden/weird plant store. He also owns ProCoco, so I kinda work for them too… Gotta give a shout out!

We do blocks of coco-peat, chip and fiber, and chunky chip (S2 in the coco world). Our coco is also used in all the Tanks Green Stuff: Tanks Pro soil mixes (the pro in Tanks-Pro is from ProCoco)

Here’s a block of chip.

And expanded:

Finally the coco is from Sri Lanka, so there is more government regulation on their end in regards to quality (fresh water processed versus salt water, sand contamination, etc…) than say coco coming out of Southern India…



Well I would not call it better as I have not really used much else. It is costly but it works great and since it has always worked for me I suggest it to others. I never wash it or pre charge it, just mix with perlite and put in pots. There are defiantly cheaper alternatives that will accomplish the same goal.


Well said, I like how you support your brand choice with integrity without becoming a fan boy

I’m a big fan of ebay tents for the same reason.just am

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Been using Canna coco products since 2002… Never had one issue with there coco in regards to washing and buffering, always used it straight out the bag. As of recent i have used Cellmax bagged coco no issue whatsoever either.

Ran the Canna nutrients for over a decade, i did prefer the COGR line from them as it had a separate profile for veg and bloom unlike the COCO A B…