Bizzle’s Mostly Auto Grows

Excellent! Welcome and welcome to OG. One Mephisto 3 Bears OG is soaking and I’ll probably start another later, but I’ll be sure to update as it goes.


for me brò on autoflowers nobody beats them 2 years ago I did their mephisto genetic chermdogging I still have a couple of photos



3 Bears OG fem auto 1 week from sprout

3 goji og clones via a fellow member. Thanks for your generosity! I’ll let you know when those f3’s and f2 bx’s are getting made!

3bears will flower as these clones veg. I will hit it with the fem auto TK pollen that I made as noted above. Some 3 Bears OG x TK fem auto seeds to be ready to share by the end of the year. Happy new year!!

2x2 ac infinity with 4” cloudline fan and controller
135 watt hlg rspec led
1 gallon grow bags presently with promix, compost, perlite
BAS dry amendments, kelp, coconut, compost, barley, calmag


Also absolutely loving this little rig.


So last update 8 days or ~1 week ago…

Going to take a bunch of cuttings from these gojis to propagate them and also keep these small.

I took the tiniest cut off the top of this 3 Bears Auto. Never topped an auto but the time is right. Just starting week three and just starting to preflower. I’d like a couple of tops to selectively dust with pollen. Will keep some unseeded colas as well.


Gojis got a massive haircut. Cuttings passed to my cuz. These are already pretty gnarly looking and I’m no barber.

Will be nice to slow the transpiration down in these 1 gallon pots.


Itching to get some pollen flying, hurry up!



Hey, @ReikoX, thanks for stopping by. I’ve perused your megathread quite a bit since finding this site. Scored some Durban Poison * JLO regs from you and have to get those popped very soon! Hey, question for you on that…if I hit a female of that cross with fem auto pollen, would there be a % full auto?

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A small chance, the JLo was heterozygous for the photoperiod trait while the Durban Poison was homozygous. So that means 50% of those seeds would be heterozygous. So it you hit enough of them with full auto pollen, there should be a few autoflowring in the bunch.


Lowers have been dusted. Left the uppers unmolested, but being my first rodeo, wow that pollen is really mobile! Had zero fans on but simple convection from the warmer tent vs colder room was making that shit fly! Trouble uploading pics. More to come.

Meph 3 Bear x Triks dusted lower buddage.

The sensi top.


Pollen appears to be doing its thing. Receding pistils on lower bud site.

Top is largely untouched. Ok maybe a stray pollen or two landed.

I also meant to add that I applied pollen once toward the end of week 4 from sprout and then once again three days later on day one of week 5 from sprout (yesterday). Six weeks from now would be right around new years.


Looks likes seeds developing in a lower popcorn bud. It was a small bud when pollinated, but at least a couple seeds in there.


Nice buds forming at the start of week 7 from sprout. Seeded in the lower forefront and sides, unseeded in the mid and upper buds. Really dry here at mid 30’s humidity so its tough to keep the leaves looking super prime. A humidifier is in order for sure. Plant is pulling nutes from a couple lower fans but I like to leave them on until they fall off even if its not so good for pictures. Two more of these 3Bear OG seeds left but going to try another Mephisto variety next.

Near future seed adventures will be some Mephisto Northern Cheese Haze or Mango Smile, not sure which first. Shoutouts to @HolyAngel for showing off the cheese haze and @firehead for the mango smile. Excited to try both out. Definitely seeds will be made of anything I start. Listen to me… haven’t successfully finished this yet.

Then, goji f1 momma still hanging in the 1 gal fabric. Located the the goji f2 beans from the deep freeze and queued them into the fridge stash. These will be started in early spring with the f1 clones for the 4x4 tent. Hopefully a male is found for some f2bx’s(?).

Will have these current 3Bear x TK seeds and maybe some Northern Cheese Haze or Mango Smile seeds ready for a return to outdoor in ‘22. Took last year outdoor off, but excited for some trials with the autos outside. Might just do some planting out in the hillside if I end up with a bunch of beans to spread around. A recent foray into mountain biking last summer had me spying up some spots. :smile:


I spy my first actual seed. These babies are at about 2 1/2 weeks so a few left to go.

Below is an unseeded bud. They are chunking up nicely. Getting excited!


Had to rename the thread with a more apt title. In spite of the humble garden, the love for the herb and growing it is no less! I’ll keep on trucking even if it is currently only one or two at a time.


When you f*ck up and water the plant with some nutes then a few minutes later realize that you never checked the ph. Check it and ph is in the 4’s. :man_facepalming:
Goji momma gets a flush today!

On the 3Bear, loving these little understory buds. One man’s larf is another man’s seed stash.


I may reverse the mango smile or chuck some saved tk pollen onto it. I am a few days from chopping the 3bear and will know in a couple of weeks if the pollen was viable.


Pics incoming of the Mango Smile. She’s in a solo cup at about 1 week above soil.


We have 3bear OG x Triks seeds! This is a lower popcorn bud. 30+ seeds in this tiny bud. Some greenish or lighter, but mostly nice and mottled in appearance. Very happy for this! This was just a test of the smallest bud. Bud still needs dry time, but the suspense was killing me. Excited for a smoke test fore sure. I’ll be sharing some of these and also looking to make more of course.