Growin' and Chuckin'

1st post on OG. Used to be on The Farm but left in 2012. Started a business not related to breeding. Kept growing but stopped chucking. Time to get back at it. I’m starting with the best OG hybrids I’ve smoke the last several years. In a 5’x5’ tent, I run one 600mh and one 600hps, intake filter and exhaust run to an outside vent. I made a supersoil using a 1:10 ratio of Fertile Valley soil builder, oyster shells, and Roots Original, 2gals bottom dressed 7gal smartpot with the rest being Roots Original, and a pure Fertile Valley top dress when needed. PH’d water at 6.5. Sticky traps to control gnats. No pesticides of any kind. That’s it. Super easy formula for growing super tasty nugs.

1st round of chemotherapy:

Valley Vixen (SFV OG x Dosidos)
Casper OG (ORGNKID’s Ghost OG x Faceoff OG bx1)

Aspen OG (SFV OG x Sour Cream)
Skywalker OG (OG Kush x Skywalker), 2 phenotypes
Casper OG, 3 phenotypes
Dirty Shirley CBD


Rock it out finding some space along the wall to lurk!!! bringem home.


Sweet! Do you just put them all together and open pollinate then? Should be some great combos there.


Males are separated. I use qtips to pollinate selected buds. Most of the plant is seedless, considering 100 beans from each cross will keep me busy for a bit. Shout to Archive Seeds. The Valley Vixen is packed full of lemony OG pine bubblegum skunk flavors and devastatingly strong. 2nd time growing it and 4 beans are all male. First time growing the Casper OG from Archive. I’ve grown the 303 Aspen OG(pure foot stank, skunky funky flavor) before but this is a 7 year old seed, and the only one of three to make it. Hopes or are high. I popped two Skywalker OG from Riserva Privada. Heard good things. We’ll see. With fans and lights off during dark period off, I will pollinate buds, let sit for a 1/2 hour, then spray pollinated buds with water. Simple way to make a few beans without ruining a crop.


A picture of Valley Vixen#2.


The new crop.


The magic behind the organic…


The 5’x5’ is packed with females. Clean and under stripped garden is a happy garden. Males were separated and 6 of the 9 females were pollinated with a mix of 2 very different Valley Vixen males. Casper OG male not dropping pollen yet. Casper OG #4 is the standout with frosty leaves early in the game. Both Skywalker OG have the best structure, but no frost showing yet… Aspen OG is frosty and has a nice stocky structure. Shit’s about to blow up.


Damn that valley vixen looks deadly. Looking forward to seeing your creations!


In for the ride. Love to see these sexy ladies take some pollen. Best of luck



Looks like they all be at church, just a praying away!! Nice.


Everything looking frosty and ready to blow up. Casper OG is a little too stretchy for my liking. Male was culled. Still, the buds look and smell amazing early on. Dirty Shirley looks frosty and filling in nicely. Was expecting more from the Aspen OG. Looking frosty but skimpy. Ya never know. Both Skywalker OG phenos look great, with a stocky frame, buds growing the quickest, nice early pine and bubblegum nose, and just as frosty as everything else.



Damn nice. Makes me want to grow out some OG Kush, I haven’t for years. :v:


Some nice frost happening.

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@Mongobongo- You absolutely should. The Casper OG’s look like below average yields but exceptional quality, some being a little to stretchy unless SCROG’d or super-cropped. But then I could only fit one plant in my 5x5. The Skywalker and Aspen are looking and smelling beautiful. I don’t think I’ll ever graduate from OG’s to the Cookies. Every OG and OG cross I’ve grown over the years wrecks me and the flowers taste better than every bud I’ve smoked over the last 35 years, with exceptions of ‘91 NYC Purple Haze, NYC early 90’s Sour D, ‘93 South Bronx White Widow, a handful of SoCal unknown outdoor strains I smoked in 92, and Scroopy Noopers(which happens to be a Cookies Stardawg cross), IMO.

@HaRdRoC- and greasy. Hopefully I finish this successfully.

Day 36, another pheno of the Casper OG.


Nice man. Thanks for the break down. It all sounds bomb. The last one I grew out was an OG 18. It was feminized and every seed produced an identical plant. Super stony and delicious.

Fml now I’m searching the net for OG lol. Never ends this seed addiction of mine ahaha :v:


@Mongobongo- If you’re ever in the Denver area, you can msg me. I’ll gift you a bunch of these hybrid OG beaners.


Love it man thanks. Much respect. :v:

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