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Welcome … I grow a slew of strains. I make a few from time to time as well. I’ll go back in time for time to time to show past grows and such. Thanks for stopping by. :smiley_cat: Tim

First one will be Mosca’s Raspberry Boogie s1’s
Got these from him at CannaCon in Denver recently as well as the Indiana Bubblegums. Figured I’d take a crack at one of his longest running strains.

Skipping ahead to the present.
Still in solo cups but will be uppoted to 1 gallon soon.
Plucked some lower leaves off smells nice.


Pulling up a chair to watch the shoe bud.


I will be here watching as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A few shots from my last run in this tent but should be a fruitful harvest of seeds from the ladies who frequent it before times up. Skunk House Genetics Tickle Burger ( GMO/Grape Pie x Double Burger… a lot of GMO ) female & male currently day 26 of flower. Plans for this male to hit GMO Rootbeer & Glove Butter from my buddy Shaggy whom is Root Orgin Seed Co as part of a ongoing collaboration with Oklahoma peeps.

Grown under 2 @MarsHydro 1k units I’ve had for a while now and used with success. Bed is 2 x 6 full of Sensi Sci Soil amended with Build a Soil stuff and Down to Earth boxed nutrients.

Doing s1 work too as pictured below minus the plant I have in flower that will be the lady boy of the bunch. :crazy_face:


Banana Kush… I’ve played with this cut too many times over the past 5 years. Fun but way too many seeds to pop but she was a beauty every time. Same bed using now for Tickle Burger. This was two plants. This was grown under a Chilled LED 5 bar rig I recently got. It’s a beast but provides. I did make infused VG recently and it’s probably the best I ve made in the eight or so years I ve made such things. I did make some bubble hash not much was yielded but it’s not too shabby.

Also I use beneficial insects so they will be around.

Thanks :banana:


I look forward to seeing your grow, amazing ladies!


Schmanks … Not a Master Grower :clown_face: but I can handle a plant or two from time to time. I ve got some decent variety in the trap ATM. So should be a colorful holiday season.


Here’s Brisket from my one of my favorite dudes in weed Rob over at Nerds Genetics. (Banana Kush x WhoOody) x Honey Banana ( reversed ) so fems and all the pics I’ve seen and feedback he’s received have been good.


Great job! I’m tagging along too.

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From 2018-19 … InHouse Genetics Platinum Valley ( SFV OG x Platinum ) grew this got two phenos this first one being the Platinum leaner prettier of the two. Grown in a 3 gallon NFTG #4 soil with Down to Earth amendments. Second one being the smaller plant and swung SFV OG in total. Grown in a 2 gallon pot soil with Down to earth amendments. I grew Platinum S1 previously and chucked with it. Crazy good hash plant. Anyways enjoy the pictures.

Order is all jacked up but you should be able to spot the difference easily.


Tickle burger couple this evening. Love is in the air. :honeybee: :grapes: :hamburger:


Here to learn



Guess I will park my beanbag over here for another Oklahoma Connection. I’m in Yukon. Welcome aboard. You will like it here.


I’m in Colorado but have growmies in OK. We can be neighbors. I drove through your town & by Garth Brooks hometown too when I was out there earlier this year. Grabbed lunch at Bunny’s onion burger too.

Fun fact also that Grandy’s on 40 coming into Bethany is like that one last Blockbuster in OR. I didn’t eat there but my dad use to love that place & their buffet.


GMO/Rootbeer in flower nothing too big in a one gallon. She flipped to flower nicely and is reaching for the sky. Took cuts in cloner :crossed_fingers: they root but sure taking their time. All good though this smoke is super dank if you’ve been lucky to try it. So me imploring a smidge of patience is in store. :smiley:


The Skunk House Genetics Tickle Burger seed mom…and she smells trucking amazing. Only day 27 of possible 84 in flower so loving this choice I made to do this. S1 project in works as well. Glad I have clones doing well of this selection.

:metal: :exploding_head::metal:
If ya don’t like GMOooooooooo don’t look.:laughing:


Day 9 of flower
Nerds Genetics Brisket fem
Texas Tea (Banana Kush x WhoOody) x Honey Banana reversed

She was leaning over to catch more light so I shuffled the plants and put her in the middle. I’m thinking more light is needed in said tent so this one should be even more of a beast. Cuts taken sitting in cloner.

Get high it’s Fry-day :smiley:


That there is a pretty plant. I love that shade of green.


Yeah it’s hard to get a real scope of things under LEDs at times nothing like ample lighting but I keep things dark. One of many strains I have from him and always fun to grow his gear. Thug Passion which I still have the pack was a good Bubba kush cross. True to the description orange and Alize like. I gave it to a few growers, smoked one sample and fwiw she ( The grower ) did a good job being a newer grower. She told me her aunt kept saying how " white " aka covered with trichomes the plant was.


Definitely watching this thread, lots of crazy shit going in here, regally cool stuff @MeowsTrapSeeds


Tickle Burger female clones uppoted now to one gallon sacks now at 14/10 next week maybe another two before flip to 12/12. Their lady boy to be suitor is day 9 of flower. Pictured second.