Bubble machine review

Just purchased the Bubble Bag Dude 5.5 gallon
Bubble hash Machine from amazon it came with a zipper work bag and also purchased A set of bags by zen hydro ( very good quality for the price )
Well here it goes
8 ozs of trim ,small bud and medium size buds and stems frozen
Broken up in to 2 batches will run 3 cycles each
Today’s pics are from only 4 oz I’ll finish it tomorrow
I find it very easy to do with this machine and if I was doing this by hand I wouldn’t have done 3 cycles

•Packaging was very good not miss handled in shipping
• written material only explains how to wash small batches of clothes
• videos on line very informative ( a must before you start )

When you start have on hand
20 lbs of ice
Spray bottle ( clean and manage hash in the bags while gathering It up )
Keep machine up on a table ( Easy for draining the unit
Do not over fill -the combination of weed water and ice Should not be higher then the low level ( water will back up out of the drain hose otherwise)
L for lower level and the H for high are very difficult to find ( location by drain hose ) use black marker to mark very hard to see had to use a flashlight to fine it )
Don’t over fill the zipper bag ( small batches tend to yield better )
Pack bag with ice and weed
Use COLD water
Allow the weed to sit in the machine With ice and water for 15 minutes before you start ( re hydrate) Should be 36 degrees Fahrenheit for best results
Run for 15 minutes each cycle ( run 3 times drain and clean bags each time .
Clean bags as you are finished each cycle in cold water ( don’t let it dry dirty it’s much easier)

I’ll post the weight as soon as it dries

all not sure if this is in the right area I am sure someone will let me know


The GrowFAQ are now like the Bermudas Triangle, everything disappears on it search|nullxnull, just kidding, thanks for sharing … :sunglasses:


Do you find it saves THAT much labor and time though? On a half elbow 5 gallon bubble run I only spend maybe 15-20 actual minutes hand mixing makes the arms a bit sore I guess.


Yes I’m with vernal sore arms , I’ve converted to a paint stirrer on a variable drill run at slow speed (less green more blonde)I also will do 3 washes of 400 grams per batch with good results.


@ShiskaberrySavior. @vernal
I do fine it much less effort and no stress on the back hell more time to smoke :crazy_face:

@George1961 the Bermuda Triangle I think I smoked that I am like my threat lost forever :joy:
Thanks for stopping by


You’ve got that right definitely a back breaker impossible to do more than 1 run of 3 washes.

Also hard on the wrists shaking the bags to force the water through them .


Ok results from the first 1/2


First time using these bags

A little more money but they are easy to use and clean up well
And so far good yield

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2nd half of the original 8 oz now completed

Weight looks similar is we shall see

And a few pics of what went on

I really like this machine with a good set of bags the yield is much better then the old bucket and drill with a mixer and paddle

Any questions please don’t hesitate

I’ll post picks when I start the finishing process
I do follow frenchie cannoli method so
I all ready know some of you disagree but to each there own