Budget growing setup shopping list [advice needed]

Spider farmer sf 4000
Cloudnine t4 fan w/ controller
Carbon filter
Mini dehumidifier
Bluetooth temp/humidity gauge
Reflective insulation board
3 cans of spray foam
5 pack of grow bags
Fox farm soil and nutrients
Clone trays
I have around $1300 invested not counting the beans


It adds up very quickly my friend but the payoff is huge. Nothing wrong with going cheap to start and add to it as you go. That’s actually how I started growing many years ago.


@Lowbudgetblazing I use cheap 6 inch inline fans 35US each on amazon and a cheap carbon filter is a must ( one for intake one for exhaust) also they are not quite

They work great in my 24 x 24 x 60 tent
I also use them in a 40 inch x 40 inch x 60 tent

I love all 3 of my cheap ass tents they keep the smell in and easy to control the environment

I use one just to bring air into the room in the garage from the house to control temperature


Ok so I kinda started in the same ball park. Now I don’t know how you are; but I’m pretty handy, resourceful and innovative. So I actually built a 54"x 33"x 82" grow room. I built it in 1 of my corners in the basement. Note: you should aim for a North West corner(cuz of the sun) but unfortunately I had to take what I have to work with which was a South West facing corner but it works. I simply used 1 sheet of press board for walls,( I also had some extra wood around the house that I was able to put to use) I grabbed 3 10ft 2x4’s for the frame( which where I live, I’m not allowed to put up permanant walls. So I made them temporary :grin:) I also grabbed some thick plastic to wrap the inside with. As for beginning with low costs. Look for small “AC Infinity” small project fans. There like $20 without a speed controller and like $30 with one on Amazon. They’re great. I grabbed a 110cfm fan just this week for an air intake fan. They’re also labelled to last 67 000 hrs. Which is huge. But I grabbed a simple “Filtrete” air filter (must be MERV 8) or higher to properly protect your ladies. You WILL have to spend cash on a Carbon filter if smell is any kind of an issue! But they’re usually like $50-$60. As for lights. Do any and all seeds, clones and Veg under regular household cheap CFL & LED bulbs 6500k is ideal. However 5000k GE bulbs are fantastic! I just recommend staying above the 5000 Kelvin (colour) mark. Especially in Veg!!! You can always find lamps, bulbs & other useful electrical things at second hand stores. Now to be completely honest with you you can literally build 1-2 air sealed proof rooms/grow chambers from Cardboard and plastic and some computer fans. Now when it comes to flower and light, you CAN do the same;use CFLs and you will get a final product! But it won’t be anything to really brag about! Mind you those new LED COB Bulbs 100w, 200w, 300w with regular a socket are pretty awesome. If you had some sheet aluminum or metal, you can use that to shape as a light reflector. If you do decide to go the DIY route you’ll want Duct tape & Aluminum ducting tape. Lol… It’s definitely handy and we’ll needed. Also your gonna have to buy 4" or 6" Aluminum Flex vent. (Depends what size hole you decide to go with!) Honestly though, I’d go with a decent LED grow light. If you grab a 95w (actual watts)Horticulture lighting group Quantum Board (which is actually equivalent to a 300w HPS/MH) and costs like $150.00! It’s money well spent. Or again you can go DIY and simply assemble the pieces together; saving you a few dollars. Even mid-level Lights from Mars hydro, Vivosun & ViparSpectra are all great lights to grow with as a main flower light and they’re not crazy expensive either. But I hope some of these ideas helped. You can come see what I’ve been doing at my YouTube channel “Potentchronic” I’m also working on creating my Website! Same name “Potentchronic.com” best of luck my friend


i got 3 400mh burning and i built the reflectors…I paid 50 bucks for 8 400MH one was brand new in the box. 3 newish bulbs. Timers some dirt…soil is better. Built walls with tarps from the lumber yard…they work awesome (staples). Light tight and seals pretty good…for FREE! Black on white tarp. Next seeds from Sensi…biggest investment. Couple cord ends all in under 250 for sure. There are pics floating around here…it all adds up. I need a fan big time also I want an extra light in flower for 6 hours while the veg is off. Cant hurt…need 2 timers for that and some fans. I need fans big time…we need a buy and sale section here to sell used equipment!!

There is a used equipment thread

oh where? lots of stuff?

The search function works very well

Thanks for your help bro…so thoughtful! I thought i missed it…

Things are cheaper than they have ever been. You can get a 1000w hid kit with bulbs hangers and hood , pond pumps, inline fan, plastic totes, net pots , hydroton , GH nutes , panda film, air pump and timers under 500$
Grow bag seed your first time . You will kill a plant or two.
20 years ago you couldn’t get two light for 500$. I just bought 2 1000w hids used for 35$ each.


I picked up 400MH for 50 bucks and i got 8 400MH for 50 bucks and one was a brand new ballast…bulbs included! Good deal on those 1000 watters…your right it is cheaper than ever. The hardest part before was genetics now that’s easy part…location location location