Budget growing setup shopping list [advice needed]

Hey Guys,

I am looking forward to start growing for the first time and am really excited.

Anyways I spend a lot of time looking for affordable setups and am overwhelmed by the amount of things to consider. Be it what light to use or just what growing tent is best.

Basically i am trying to put together a shopping list with everything i would need. My budget is max. 500€.

So lets start with the tent. As i will be only growing one plant in the beginning and a maximun of 2 or maybe 3 plants in the future, i thought about getting a relatively small tent.
Are cheap tents from amazon viable or should i spend more on name brands like gorilla?

For example : https://www.amazon.de/gp/aw/d/B07FCJDJPC

The lights shouldnt use more than 350w overall for flowering.
LEDs seemed to be the way to go for effieciency reasons. I read about these dyi led strips here and only understood half of it but from what i got they are cheap and really good. My question regarding them is, are they hard to put together for a newbie like me? Should i spent a bit more on a “ready to go” light?
Or should i completly reconsider and use HPS or some other light?

When it comes to ventilation or to be more precise the air that comes in, is there anything else than [edit : i meant exhaust fan not intake my bad], a carbonfilter and ducting that i need? What is the “normal” price for them all and which would you recommend? I have literally no idea about these, sorry. :frowning:

Other than that i would need some basic fans for the airflow inside, right?
How many do i need exactly, how much power should they have, what spots (in the tent) do i put them?

Last but not least what essential extras for putting everything together (duct tape, scredrivers etc.) do i need? This also includes a pair of glasses against the light, timers or other light control (if needed).

I figured that I create a different thread for soil, nutrietents, pots in the appropriate category.
Any help is appreciated, feel free to answer only on certain aspects of my list.
Thank you very much for reading.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:


can you get away from a tent? And in my experience good genetics is always a good idea. after you figure out where then good seeds and a light. I bought 7 400MH for 50 bucks. Where i live they are selling 400HPS for 40 Canadian dollars. So if you only have 500 to spend these are things you need to think about. Do you have a closet you can use and is it legal where you are?? If not legal odor control should be a concern.

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probably aliexpress is your cheapest bet for an LED fixture, can get pre-built or even cheaper to get components and assemble yourself … HPS is definitely cheaper to get started with but it will produce more heat as you’ll need probably 2x the wattage to achieve similar light output

you don’t necessarily need an intake fan, you could use passive intake so long as you have an exhaust fan getting rid of the hot air … eventually you should have a carbon filter before you start flowering cycle … i’d also recommend ratchet hangers (can find cheap on ebay or amazon), zip ties, a timer, various extension cords/power bars … if you get a white-light LED you don’t really need special glasses besides maybe regular sun glasses if you want… if you have yellow HPS or blurple LED lights you might want color correcting lenses

the liquid PH drops for checking PH is probably your cheapest bet, general hydro makes a kit, the cheap PH pens are unreliable and require frequent calibration etc … and you’ll need nutrients/soil etc of course


My entire LED setup for a 2x4 footprint cost me about $800-1000 CDN

HID and a closet instead of a tent will save you lots up front.

500 might get you a 2x2 tent with a decent light and fan and filter and all the little things.

I think you might have to make compromises.

Get a 2x2 tent and a small rig (fluoro, blurple, HID, etc) and use that to get you started. Upgrade when you can and use the tent as a veg space when time/budget allows. You can grow under fluorescents, they just aren’t considered sexy.

Lots of options - I think your budget is tight for what you want.


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I will be going for seedsman/ trusted breeders there.
It is legal to grow one plant here, i will be moving in a year and then i could grow more.
Unfortunately i dont have a closet to grow in therefor a tent would be good.
The 500€ are only for the grow room/tent etc. For nutrietents, seeds etc. i have an extra 100-150.

Anyways thanks for the light recommendation, i will look into it :slight_smile:

i don’t think so, 500 eur is $766 canadian right now and thats about what i got started with, including my tent, fan/filter, and LED fixture (735w max)


Perhaps the exchange is enough to make the difference.

Little things add up quickly though imho

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Do you think i there is a way for me to setup a growing space in my room. I have enough space in my room, i just would need to get some kind of room seperators or something like this.

Is it worth it? I mean i could also wait another month or two and get a better budget. Probably might be the best bet.

Different question, are any of these “growing tent kits” actually good? For me it seemed like most of them are overpriced.

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My suggestion is get a seed and get it sprouted as quick as possible…if your moving you’ll have a plant already when you move. You said your moving in a month/year sorry?? If it was me I’d hold off till you move then see what you have to work with. Pop a seed as soon as possible. Then look at your new space…Ive seen guys use a garbage can with a light hanging in it for one seed. I learned how to clone in a garbage can.

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you dont need to get everything all at once you can just get what you need now and add to it

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The biggest thing for me in your first post is that you might want to scale up to 3 plants eventually but want to start with only 1.

I would start with 3, but that’s me. If you are fine with 1 plant I think you’re set. But for 3 you would need a little bit more $$$

You could figure out a way to partition off your room but it would need to be light tight.

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A garbage can or smaller wooden cabinet…shop around at thrift stores and then scrog it.

I will move in a year or so… that should be enough time for one or two grows.

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ya if you’re moving soon you should definitely wait until you see your new place before ordering tents etc … you’ll want to measure your new space to make sure you’re utilizing its full potential … wouldn’t want to order a tent and find out it’s 6" too tall or you could have ordered 1 foot taller

oh you’re moving in a year, well nevermind my previous post lol i’d just get seeds started ASAP and buy things as you need them and continue saving up and adding to your budget as you’re able

this is the brand tent i use but mines 120x120x200 - it’s decent but there’s pinhole leaks along the zipper/seams, i don’t mind because the tent is in a dark room at lights off anyways

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I’ve seem guys do amazing things with LED light bulbs here…pop the tops off the bulbs and rock them if your on a budget


Thank you guys for the help. I will go for a cheap tent and some budget light then and start growing until i move. Then i will have a good budget (atleast i hope so) and enough experience to get something more expensive.

I wont respond anymore for now because my phone is spazzing when i am on this site for some reason.

Stay safe guys.


these are probably your cheapest bet for ratchet hangers. when i bought them it was $26.20 cad ($17.08 eur) for 6 pairs but that was almost 2 years ago


The amazon grow tents are fine, ive used a handful and they were all pretty good. Id personally reccomend getting one atleast 5 ft tall so you have room to adjust ur light if plant stretches too much… id reccomend ipower carbon filter and fan, they have worked fine for me and are cheap. A small walmart fan in a corner inside the tent would be plenty… would reccomend an ac for your room. I have very limited experience with led but cmh is nice and you could get a 315w pretty cheap off amazon with a philips bulb…


After your setup will grow and You will be looking to fulfill your need for automation, I’ll recommend this thread. Not budget/cheap, but can save a lot of time and prevent failures and thus save money :slight_smile:

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