Camera for pics- What are you using

Hey potheads! How are you guys all doing today? I’ve recently switched carriers. Does anyone have the Samsung S20 ultra? I’m asking because they have a zoom lens of a 100 times.On their camera I mean. I was able to get the S20 plus.They didn’t have the ultra in stock. I might be able to swap out phones as Longs I’m within the 30 days


I use my Note 9. Does OK by me.


I keep a Sony RX100 mkiii in my grow area to snap pics, or use my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. The Sony is a fun little camera, emphasis on little. It’s a top quality device that fits in a shirt pocket, making it great for travel - or, back when people used to congregate to hear live music, concert shots.

I have a DSLR but don’t have a dedicated macro lens. I need to work on my technique to use my 70-200mm with manual focus for up close shots. I don’t have any extremely wide angle lenses either and mine is a crop body so it’s not as useful for photography in the confined space of my indoor garden.

I just picked up a digital microscope for looking at trichomes this week and quickly discovered that hand holding it for pictures isn’t easy. I’ll get better…


See about is why I was intrested in the samsung s20 ultra phone. With the 100× zoom it just seems so easy.

I’m leasing my phone. I figured an extra $5 a month is worth it.


I’m using my phone which is a note10, it takes pretty good pics. I also got a little point and shoot camera by cannon that takes awesome pics, I got that camera just for my grow.


I have been using the same Nikon Coolpix L105

it is old outdated but top of the line in its day and still takes great photos

started using it I believe in 2006, bought it off ebay for under 100 dollars

has auto and expert mode, also does marco closeups

one I had

all the best



I use an old Rebel T3i with a collection of lenses I’ve collected over the years. Most of the heavy lifters are the stock 18-55mm lens it came with, a cheap 250mm telephoto lens and a nice 1.4 EF 50mm prime lens for the close ups.


My DSLR is also a T3i. I have an EF 70-200mm f4 and EF-S 17-55 f2.8 zooms, and a few primes: 40mm f2.8 pancake, 50mm f1.8 (wish I had the f1.4!), and 135mm f2.0. I used to take lots of pics of animals around my farm, my nephews playing sports, and would haul this rig to music festivals and get shots of bands on stage. I don’t have the farm anymore, the nephews are older, and I don’t get to as many shows as I used to. The small Sony RX100 is decent for general use and infinitely more portable, so the big camera doesn’t see much use. I’d love to get a macro lens but glass is so expensive. I’ll mess around more with setting my big zoom to 200mm and the focus to manual to approximate macro usage.


I’m just using the apple iPhone 11 currently, but up until 2 months ago it was the iPhone 7.

Cheers Johnny

i use a canon power shot, had it a few year but i only use the basics i dont understand and cant learn all that it does but it takes decent pics, my daughter gave me here old i phone 2 weeks ago but i dont know how transfer pics onto the computer but i’m sure ill learn.

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If you at all enjoy photography and want one, invest in one second hand even if it’s expensive. It’s worth every penny. I picked mine up off of a local photographer who was upgrading their equipment - great way to find deals, especially if you know any professional or semi-professional photographers.


up until I got the note 10 I used my note 9 for camera. Truthfully prefer the camera on the note 9 better though recommend a lens either way.

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I’m kind of a retired photographer. Not what I did as my main gig through life, but I was able make a small fortune and retire when I was 48, and I took up photography to make some gas money etc in my retirement. I’m using a Nikon D850 and Fuji XT-2. I have a whole gallery of images my buddy and I have created over the years.


About 3 years ago I bought a Nikon CoolPix L32 20.1mp to replace my dead Nikon L20 10mp. One feature I really love is the manual white balance so I can take normal looking pics under any light. 30 sec to calibrate and then shoot away. Uses AA batteries too.

My big love is my Canon AE-1s 35mm and now that pot is legal here I plan to get some great shots and not long ago picked up a full set of Canon macro tubes and a bunch of different lenses cheap at a roadside market in BC on a drive home from Kelowna. I haven’t tried them out yet but soon. I already have a bunch of lenses and filters to play with. Tripods, remote shutter and lots of trinkets. A zoom flash unit that reaches out to 70ft. I can get them developed and returned in print or digitally so hopefully both tho I can get Kodak prints done on the machine at the drug store.

If I win the lotto tho I could see blowing 30G or so on some really fine digital gear and get back into photography as a serious hobby. Developing your film and doing your prints in a shared bathroom 40 years ago was not a lot of fun. lol Computers are much cleaner.



and in the end they are Nikons

which in the camera world has always been a good one

they have more features than I have ever used and on auto they will give

you a good photo

nice to see you my friend

stay well


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I just use my note 9 , it takes pretty good pics for a phone


Those are incredible… You took those? I particularly like the one on top of the old man. It’s amazing how one photo can capture so many different emotions

Are you able to zoom in and check the Tri Combs for cloudiness?

Using the camera on my phone which is super old! Samsung Galaxy A5 . I am pretty sure the webcam i had in 1995 took better pictures

Yep, that’s my buddy Charley. I have a whole series of different “characters” he’s done. He makes a damn good cowboy. I’ll dig a few of those out and post.

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