Harvest time is near

Decided to grow this year after a 5 year hiatus, I found 6 seeds I had put up about 10 years ago, out of the 6 seeds only 2 came up, one turned on me so l had to pull it, I don’t know the strain but if I kept the seeds it was fire.
The other plant my step son gave me, it was a pitiful looking runt but I nursed it back to health, I started outside for about 2 months then moved them inside under grow lights. I got a late start but am planning on clipping and drying them in about a week, not knowing the strain I have to go by instinct, one the sucker leaves were thin the other the S leaves were fat and thick.
This is a side by side pic of two buds from each plant…



I would get a 90x jewelers loupe and check trichomes. In my experience that’s the best way to check peak ripeness.


very nice looking buds :slight_smile:

thanks for the peek



Looks good. Might want to look closer for peak ripeness but they are getting close.


Welcome to og ! Congrats on the upcoming harvest. Keep them pics coming

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I actually have a J. loop, I have been looking but they look clear to me. The skunk stage was about 3 weeks ago, you could smell it thru the house, thankfully it’s only my wife and myself due to lock down.
I know one is ahead of the other, I appreciate all info, I have only grown in doors about 5 times. I got out of doing it, I grew up in Miami so I grew outside and relied on the natural seasons. Since moving up to northern states I cannot do that anymore. I just did it this year on a whim because l found those seeds and planted them and they came up, well 2 did.
Thanks for the info, l want this to be a good crop and all tips help.

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I will, 1st time posting pics, I enjoy seeing other plants too. This was a whim grow, next year I will be more on it, dates and things, I got a late start and cut the lights back mid sept. I started them outside for about 2 months, was not expecting much but I am pleasantly surprised by the outcome, considering.
Thank everyone for the warm welcome… Happy dayz


Welcom back enjoyed the pics

Peaceout and stay safe

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