Canadian OG's Free Mega Crop 2 Part 500gr Samples

In order to promote the Mega Crop 2 part I’m doing a free sample run of Mega Crop Part A 500gr and Calcium Nitrate 500gr (MC part B)

Customer covers shipping cost. Limit 1 per customer and limited to 40 packs total (split between couple communities)

Get yours here


Thanks. I did want to try this and just placed an order along with getting some Ona gel as well.


Yah just saw and TY that will send out tomorrow as post office closed now.


No problem. Looking forward to it.

Canda only?

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Sure I’ll try it out, just sent for

Atm yes canada only wasnt greenleaf USA doing free samples too?

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I just received the 2 part sample. Is there a schedule that shows me how much to add. I use a
45 gal barrel that I mix and add into that is set to a float switch in the hydro res that draws as needed. Looking for a ml/liter type of ratio to use when filling the tank.