Canadian OG's Nutrient blow out

I got a bunch of nutrients I need to blow out that I don’t sell anymore. This are available in store and can ship them out. Use them for outdoor or indoor.

Hydrotek Black Flower 10L Grow, Bloom, Micro (GH Copy)

6 x 10L sets available

Grow 10L, Bloom 10L, Micro 10L $70/tax in for all three bottles

Hydrotek Zeta A+B Grow and Bloom

Aprox 72 1L A+B Gro sets

Aprox 108 x 1L A+B Bloom sets

$10/tax in for 1 x A+B Grow set

$10/tax in for 1 x A+B Bloom set

There are several 4L and 10L grow sets too

$20/tax in for A+B 4L Grow Set

$30/tax in for A+B 10L Grow set.

CX Nutrients blow out way below wholesale

1x 5L Hydro a+b set $50/tax in

2x 1L Hydro a+b set $10/tax in

1x 5L Coco a+b set $50/tax in

1x 1L Coco a+b set $10tax in

2x 5L Wilt Guard $50/tax in

1x 5l Head Masta $50/tax in

2x Head Masta 1L $13/tax in

2x Wilt Guard 1L $15/tax in



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70 bucks in total for 3 10L hydrotek? That would last me a lifetime. I’ll take the 3 part for 70 bucks

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Yes $70 for all 3 bottles. Only thing is shipping might be pretty expensive because of the weight.


Yeah never thought of that. What would ballpark shipping be?

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Can you PM me the postal code?

2 sets of the 10L 3 part left
1 x Head Masta left.

My tracking number already showed up! Thanks again